• the 2018 Startup of the Year WINNER is...

    Aperiomics, Inc.

    People's Choice Award | Fade

    Fan Favorite Award | HiberSense, Inc.

    CES Eureka Park Booth Winner | WeatherCheck

    Top 5 Finalists

    These Finalists pitched live in front of the Innovate Celebrate audience

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    Park and Diamond

    Tivic Health


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    Aperiomics | Ario | Bartesian | Buoy Labs | Knack | Lazarus 3D | Lifeina | Park and Diamond | swivl | Tivic Health Systems | Unruly Studios | Valisure | Veripad | WattBuy | WeatherCheck


  • Top 100 Semifinalists

    These Startups ventured to Boston for three-days of intense connecting, pitching, and celebration innovation at Innovate Celebrate 2018. Congrats to all of them!

    70MillionJobs | Employment

    San Francisco, California

    70MillionJobs is a for-profit job board for the 70 million Americans with a criminal record. The company was a participant in Y Combinator (YC17), an early-stage investor incubator in Mountain View, California.

    Adistry | Business, Marketing

    Boulder, Colorado

    Adistry is reshaping and automating how media is bought and sold.

    Alertgy, Inc. | Health & Wellness

    Melbourne, Florida

    Alertgy is real-time, on demand blood glucose monitoring in the palm of your hands that uses non-invasive wristband technology.

    Altopa, Inc. | Healthy & Wellness

    Seattle, Washington

    Oblend allows users to make custom herbal remedies at home. It is the world's first at-home dispensary and app that gives people the power to find, customize, and create a variety of products from dozens of therapeutic herbal extracts and oils within minutes.

    Anyware Solutions | Smart Home

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Anyware Solutions provides meaningful smart home experiences for connected living that offers users peace of mind and adds convenience to everyday life. Anyware Solutions offers seamless Smart Living on the award-winning Anyware Smart Adaptor that you fit into your lamp as easy as you would install a light bulb.

    Aperiomics, Inc. | Health & Wellness

    Ashburn, Virginia

    Aperiomics is helping chronically sick patients get answers. Aperiomics is the only company identifying every Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, and Parasite in one test. It reimagines the way the medical field tests for pathogens.

    AppsCo, Inc. | Cybersecurity

    St. Louis, Missouri

    AppsCo connects people, cloud services, and connected devices simply and securely through a centralized dashboard while providing control and monitoring over sensitive company data flows.

    Ario | AR

    Norfolk, Virginia

    Ario is a productivity software that increases safety and efficiency in industrial environments by leveraging augmented reality to give teams the ability to create and share spatial information in real time. It provides real-world data in the real world.

    Athena Security | Security, Surveillance

    Austin, Texas

    Athena Security’s mission is to prevent crime through artificial intelligence. Athena’s smart security camera and alarm system uses human-computer vision to detect threats. When a mugger pulls out a knife or gun, or when a kidnapper grabs a child, Athena can recognize the threat and stop it before it becomes a crime.

    Attently | Marketing

    Fairbanks, Alaska

    Attently helps users create campaign messages that win by generating audience data. Most technology companies focus on digital interaction, but Attently learns from behavior in the real world to improve political messaging, PR, and marketing campaigns.

    Bartesian | Lifestyle

    Kitchener, Canada

    Bartesian is a single serve capsule based craft cocktail maker that makes it simple for everyone to enjoy authentic cocktails. It serves premium cocktails on demand.

    Bitsbox | Education

    Boulder, Colorado

    Bitsbox is a learning system that teaches real coding to kids. Every month, Bitsbox sends crazy fun app projects in the mail, and kids build the apps on the website. Real JavaScript on real mobile devices.

    Bone Health Technologies | Health & Wellness

    San Francisco, California

    Bone Health Technologies is bringing new-age therapies for widespread bone diseases to market. Its first offering is OsteoBoost, a belt containing electronics that uses scientifically-proven vibration technology to combat osteoporosis, which affects 50 million in the US.

    Bunch.ai | Business

    Berlin, Germany & New York

    Bunch uses the power of data and psychology to redefine the way companies work. Bunch enables high-growth companies to build, manage, and scale organizational culture with workflow data, psychology, and machine learning.

    Buoy Labs | Smart Home

    Boulder, Colorado

    Buoy Labs makes a smart home water device that measures and categorizes water usage with remote shut off that eliminates 90% of insurance losses from water damage and cuts consumption by up to 10%.

    C2RO Cloud Robotics | Cloud Services

    Santa Cruz, California

    C2RO makes robots work for your business delivering cloud run AI applications to any connected robot. CR2O offers AI software solutions in real-time via the cloud. Robots connected to the CR2O Cloud Robotics SaaS platform demonstrably increase business efficiency and improve the customer experience.

    Cambridge Cancer Genomics | Health & Wellness

    Cambridge, United Kingdom

    Cambridge Cancer Genomics are a leading precision medicine start-up, creating intelligent software to enable oncologists to monitor response to cancer therapy in near real-time leading to faster and more effective clinical decision making and better patient outcomes.

    CANDY HOUSE, Inc. | Smart Home

    Palo Alto, California

    Installs in Seconds, unlock with phone, grant the access, enjoy your life! This is your reinvented key. This is Sesame.

    DigDates | Lifestyle, PetTech

    New Orleans, Louisiana

    Dig - The Dog Person's Dating App is the best way for dog-lovers and dog owners to find a compatible date. Dig helps dog-loving singles find each other, suggests dog-friendly locations nearby for first date ideas, and connects users to the dog community in their area.

    Dreyev | Automotive

    Purdys, New York

    Dreyev is the digital assistant with copilot expertise. It is a risk mitigation system which includes the ability to detect safe driving conditions and support for simple mind-stimulating spoken interactions. The LingoFit monitors driver attention to prevent accidents caused by distraction and drowsiness.

    San Francisco, California

    Drop lets you dive into an immersive internet searching and browsing experience designed for virtual reality.

    Extend | FinTech

    New York, New York

    Extend enhances the potential of business credit cards by enabling cardholders to safely share their card with employees and freelancers.

    Fade | Lifestyle

    Austin, Texas

    FADE connects men with the best local barbers for their individual hair type. Barbers use the platform to manage clients, booking and financials in one place while easily reaching new customers.

    FanSaves, Inc. | Lifestyle, Sports

    Cornwall, Canada

    FanSaves is a mobile app that allows sports fans to receive discounts and deals from the sponsors of their favorite professional and junior teams. The app allows businesses who sponsors pro and junior sports teams to directly track their return on investment as well as other valuable customer data and also works to connect sports fans and teams from every sports, division, and league.

    FastVisa.us | Immigration

    Dallas, Texas

    FastVisa.us is the new standard for immigration workflow automation. With a solution that sees the whole picture and covers all the details, users can finally automate the immigration workflow from end-to-end. FastVisa offers a single, integrated platform to serve a high volume of applicants from intake and billing all the way to filing, saving time at every step along the way.

    FenSens, Inc. | IoT, Hardware

    Austin, Texas

    FenSens brings new car technologies to all vehicles regardless of age -- with a focus on platform, plug & play installation, and affordability for any car owner; a smart wireless parking sensor.

    Fing | Cybersecurity

    London, Great Britain

    Fing provides award winning products for device recognition, network, cybersecurity, and troubleshooting. It plugs into an existing WiFi router and allows users to secure an troubleshoot their network from anywhere.

    Goodwings | e-Commerce

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Goodwings is more than a hotel portal: it combines travel with a passion for creating a sustainable future. For every booking, Goodwings sends 50% commission to projects which benefit humans and the environment. They have a global network of 51 NGOs in 30 countries and 6 continents.

    Harmany, Inc. | Emergency Services

    Charlotte, North Carolina

    Harmany is a mobile application that matches evacuees with willing hosts during times of emergency or uncertainty. It is free to download and free to use for all parties.

    Hashcut | Content Creation

    Sunnyvale, California

    Hashcut is building AI to automate gaming highlights so users can enter any Twitch or YouTube gameplay URL and return the best highlights from that match.

    HatchApps | Business

    Washington, DC

    HatchApps allows customers to build the best app for their business without code. It uses an automated app creation platform to launch native apps for iOS, Android, and the web.

    HiberSense, Inc. | Smart Home

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    HiberSense connected climate control for every room delivers awesome comfort and up to 40% energy savings in homes with forced air heating and cooling systems. It acts as a network of smart thermostats adjusting the climate in every room so that it is perfect.

    InMotion Albums | Lifestyle, Digital Imaging

    Broomfield, Colorado

    InMotion Albums is the world’s first interactive print, digital, and video book that is a one-of-a-kind experience to relive your memories in one place.

    InSpirAVE | FinTech

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania & New York, New York


    InSpirAVE's social e-commerce platform inspires people to multiply their savings and afford big purchase goals responsibly without debt for life's special moments, furthered by the support of their network. Merchants and financial institutions partnering with InSpirAVE are equally realizing its socially impactful benefits — through sales and access to a more engaged, expanded customer-base they would not have had otherwise.

    IssueVoter | Civic Tech

    New York, New York

    IssueVoter allows users to receive alerts on new bills before they are passed, send their opinions to their reps before Congress votes, and tracks the bill's outcome.

    iWABOO, Inc. | Retail Technology

    Mountain View, California & Milan, Italy

    iWABOO is the bridge between tech products and retail shelves, powered by AI solutions. Unprecedented retail disruption means companies must make data-driven decisions to boost agility, gain a competitive advantage with price optimization to delight shoppers. It is a business development platform for makers.

    Jack and Ferdi PBC | Business Travel

    Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Jack and Ferdi is an app that offers business travelers authentic suggestions in the form of 5 things to see or do, 5 typical dishes to taste, 5 souvenirs to bring back, and 5 charities to support.

    Kiss & Tell | e-commerce

    Austin, Texas

    Kiss & Tell is a global wedding and group travel booking platform that streamlines event planning, travel booking, guest list management, and group communications into one seamless app.

    Knack | Education

    Tampa Bay, Florida

    Knack is the fastest growing peer learning platform for college students. It focuses on impacting student graduation and career pathways by enabling peer tutoring/mentoring on college campuses.

    LawnTap | Lifestyle, IoT

    Atlanta, Georgia

    LawnTap's AI bot helps tailor the best lawn care for the customer. It automates the whole lawn care process to where the customer's lawn takes care of itself via Gaia, the personal on-demand lawn care assistant.

    Houston, Texas

    Lazarus 3D, Inc. is pioneering cutting edge 3D printing technology in medicine. The technology allows users to rapidly prototype soft models with similar properties to human tissue, allowing doctors to rehearse difficult operations before they happen and to improve surgery and medicine training.

    Lifeina | Health & Wellness

    Paris, France

    Lifeina is the world's smallest intelligent fridge for the safe transport and storage of fragile medication.

    Lilu, Inc. | Health & Wellness

    New York, New York

    Lilu is building the next generation of products to help moms pump, track and manage their breast milk supply. Lilu enhances the breast pump by providing breast massage and compression while users pump, helping them to express more milk.

    Litesprite | Health & Wellness

    Bellevue, Washington

    Litesprite builds games to help people manage chronic health conditions with data that delivers insights to clinicians and players. Litesprite's platform is designed to strengthen the patient-provider relationship. Litesprite's mental health video game has won a U.S. Surgeon General Award.

    Love Intently | Lifestyle, Communications

    South Region

    Love Intently is a community, resource, and participant's personal relationship guide. There are tons of dating apps to help the world fall in love, Love Intently empowers couples to Stay in Love. Love Intently empowers couples to build stronger relationships.

    Lunii | Education

    Paris, France & New York, New York

    Lunii offers immersive audio experiences through an innovative device and original contents. In a world dominated by screen time, Lunii allows children to expand their imagination and creativity.

    MemoryWell | Publishing

    Washington, DC

    MemoryWell is a digital platform for senior story telling. With MemoryWell, users can build a collaborative interactive timeline around a life story, adding photos, videos, letters, and documents.

    The Mentor Method | Education

    Washington DC

    The Mentor Method creates inclusive workplace cultures by mentoring diverse talent. Its mentor-matching platform bridges the equity gap between diverse talent and companies seeking to hire diversely.

    MetaVRse | Business, AR

    Ontario, Canada

    MetaVRse is a global leader in vCommerce solutions. Their end-to-end solution transforms physical products into 3D assets instantly for use in retail and E-Commerce on Web, Facebook, Snap, VR & AR.

    One Milo | Health & Wellness

    Miami, Florida

    FDA cleared for home use, Milo's smart rapid result clinical and lab-grade blood, urine, and saliva tests wirelessly sync results to a mobile app and cloud in minutes.

    Mixtroz | Social

    Franklin, Tennessee

    Mixtroz is a networking app that makes events more valuable for organizers and attendees. It drives attendees from phone to face-to-face in real-time, increasing engagement and collecting data.

    Moms Can: Code | Education, Employment

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Moms Can: Code is first and foremost a community of practice around moms who are learning how to code. They train moms to teach other moms how to code online and in their local communities to earn money.

    Multisensor Diagnostics | Health & Wellness

    Baltimore, Maryland

    Multisensor Diagnostics is a diversified health and disease management company. MouthLab is their single, non-invasive, rapid medical assessment device that measures > 10 vital health parameters in under 30 seconds for pro-active remote monitoring chronic patients at home to reduce cost, improve quality, and detect early signs of disease progression.

    NEEO, Inc. | Smart Home

    Cupertino, California & Switzerland

    NEEO focuses on simplifying the smart home for the mass market. The revolutionary remote with simple setup for your smart phone controls the TV, lighting, heating, and more.

    neo 360 | Video

    New York, New York

    neo 360's patent-pending technology provides users with a new way to interact with video on any mobile device. After the video is encoded with the neo 360 encoder, the end user can fully control the speed, direction, and frame at which the video is played back, giving the viewer a whole new engaging experience.

    Neuro Rehab VR | Health & Wellness

    Fort Worth, Texas

    Neuro Rehab VR creates VR/AR cognitive and physical neurological therapy training exercises leveraging the breakthroughs in neuroplasticity for stroke and brain injured patients.

    Nopneu | Health & Wellness

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Nopneu is working to save the nearly 1 M children's lives, who annually die from pneumonia with a rapid, diagnostic test that changes color and is easy to read.

    Obe, Inc. | Pets

    St. Louis, Missouri & Sacramento, California

    Obe creates smart products and services for pet parents to keep pets healthier and happier and for pet industry partners to build value. Our first product is the Obe ProBowl, a dishwasher-safe bowl with a smart base, that connects via WiFi to the user's phone.

    OpticSurg, Inc. | AR, Health & Wellness

    New York, New York

    OpticSurg is transforming surgery with augmented reality by creating an AR software platform that surgeons can use in real-time to do their jobs better, minimize complications, and save lives.

    Ovie | Smart Home

    Chicago, Illinois

    Ovie is the world's first smart food storage system. The average American throws away 40% of the food brought home. Ovie Smarterware is connected food storage that keeps track of food so the owner doesn't have to do so. The Smart Tag connects to the Ovie hub, registers with the cloud, and awaits instruction.

    Park & Diamond | Health & Wellness

    Brooklyn, New York

    Park & Diamond is improving cycling safety with our helmet that rolls up into the shape of a water bottle and looks like a hat. Park & Diamond enables users to live confidently with precisely engineered products to decrease their risk of life altering injuries.

    Pass It Down | Publishing

    Chattanooga, Tennessee

    Pass It Down is an award-winning storytelling platform innovating how communities tell their stories.

    Penji | Marketing

    Camden, New Jersey

    Penji offers unlimited graphic design, all at a flat monthly rate (no hourly billing, can cancel at any time). Penji helps agencies, marketing teams, and startups with all of their graphic design needs.

    Piccles | Lifestyle, Healthy & Wellness

    Boston, Massachusetts

    Piccles is a collaborative drawing platform that reduces anxiety, relieves boredom, and fosters human connection.

    Nashville, Tennessee

    Please Assist Me allows users to come home to everything done. This comprehensive mobile app allows users to outsource all household chores through one platform to a dedicated personal assistant. Users come home to groceries in the fridge, laundry washed and folded, dry-cleaning picked up, house cleaned, packages taken to the post office and more. Users can also request special requests like picking up a birthday cake or waiting for the cable guy to meet individualized needs as they occur.

    Pheramor | Lifestyle & Communications

    Houston, Texas

    Pheramor creates personalized products by combining DNA and Digital Data. The first product is a dating app that combines genetics of attraction via pheromones and social media meta data to quantify compatibility between singles.

    PikMyKid | Education

    Tampa, Florida

    PikMyKid is a comprehensive school safety system that ensures student safety with features, such as dismissal automation, parent communication, liability mitigation, Panic Button, and SMART Feeds.

    PolyPort | Cybersecurity

    Denver, Colorado

    PolyPort protects valuable 3D assets through a secure collaboration and delivery platform. With PolyPort's unique platform, user's co-located workforce can use their local tools and high performance hardware to work on sensitive designs while protecting their IP.

    Project Ray | Health & Wellness

    Hartford, Connecticut

    Project RAY provides tools and services that enable visually impaired people to benefit from digital services and participate in today's social conversation.

    Qoins | FinTech

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Qoins is a new and yet simple way to pay off debt. Users can use the spare change from everyday purchases to automatically pay off debt faster than ever.

    Reap | Agribusiness, SaaS

    Las Cruces, New Mexico

    Reap is a new mobile app that puts user's farm field log on their tablet or smartphone and takes the mystery and risk out of farming by delivering actionable information mined from a massive body of relevant data.

    Respirix | HealthTech, Health & Wellness

    San Francisco, California

    Respirix is changing the paradigm for non-invasive management of cardiac health. The approach combines a unique physiological signal, off-the-shelf sensors, and cloud computing to predict patient health.

    Rose Gold | Business

    Austin, Texas

    Rose Gold helps women achieve financial independence by launching small beauty-based businesses with the support and tools to help them win.

    ROYBI | Education, Robotics

    San Jose, California

    ROYBI is an AI powered companion robot in early education and language development, currently targeting kids ages 3 to 7 years.

    Seek | AR

    Lehi, Utah

    Seek allows users to create, publish, discover, and share AR all in one social platform. By publishing content to Seek, users can instantly access the largest AR audience in the world.

    ServiceBot | Business

    Memphis, Tennessee

    ServiceBot is using text bots and machine learning to automate most of what is takes to run a home services company. Built on a complete home service software platform, including CRM, field service management, scheduling, and back office, it can reduce overhead and increase revenue.

    ShyftAuto | Business, Automotive

    Greenville, North Carolina

    ShyftAuto is a subscription platform that allows customers to book online via a web application and mobile application. The customer selects the car services wanted ad the certified facility for where the car will be serviced. ShyftAuto will send a driver out to pick the vehicle up, deliver it to the certified service facility, and deliver it back once it is completed.

    SimpleSense | Government, SaaS

    Reno, Nevada

    SimpleSense helps first responders, civilian or military, find people fast. Simple sensors and smart routing takes first responders to where they need to go 10X faster.

    Sleepbox | Real Estate

    Boston, Massachusetts

    Sleepbox creates a new type of technology-driven, micro-hotel concept for the new generation of travelers that can be launched anywhere, even in airports and historical city centers.

    Slightech, Inc. | Wearables, E-Commerce

    Santa Clara, California

    Slightech is developing smart wearables that are connected to home devices, 3D stereo cameras, and Robots. Slightech strives to engineer seamless system of hardware, software, and cloud services.

    SoundGuard | Real Estate, Manufacturing

    Boston, Massachusetts

    SoundGuard has created a soundproofing paint that is effective and affordable, making it a great solution for commercial and residential properties. SoundGuard is the only non-invasive solution that can block 10+ decibels at an average price point under $3.50/foot including installation.

    Soundskrit | Hi-Tech Audio

    Montreal, Canada

    Soundskrit is fundamentally changing the way sound is captured to improve speech recognition and sound localization. Soundskrit's bio-inspired microphone can separate sounds coming from multiple directions.

    Stefanka | Retail Technology

    Quebec, Canada

    Stefanka helps shoppers find the right products and enables consumers to find the ideal fit. Clothing, uniforms, and workwear retailers along with military clothing and sportswear retailers are a few examples. Stefanka has a suite of solutions for every need. The result: fewer returns and a better shopping experience.

    swivl | Business

    Boulder, Colorado

    swivl is an engagement platform that makes AI accessible, bridging the gap between AI and human interaction with multi-channel WebBots that communicate with other platforms, such as Hubspot, Slack, and MailChimp.

    Sympl. | Education

    Detroit, Michigan

    Facebook introduced social network, Instagram introduced social media, Sympl. introduces social learning. Sympl. helps busy college students save time by connecting students directly to the class information they need to know, the network connections they need to excel, and allows them to use their peers as primary academic resources.

    Tesloop | Transportation

    Los Angeles, California

    Tesloop is creating a collaborative fleet of TESLA vehicles that solve all of a consumers mobility needs from car ownership to car rentals to ridesharing on a clean electric data-driven platform.

    Thrill Box, Inc. | Cloud Service, Analytics

    Austin, Texas

    Thrillbox solutions provide customers with intelligent behavioral insights into how their users engage with their products. Thrillbox is an end to end streaming data management platform that enables automotive, medical imaging, and entertainment companies to measure optimize and monetize their data.

    Tivic Health Systems, Inc. | Health & Wellness

    Menlo Park, California

    Tivic Health focuses on empowering those with chronic conditions. Its first product delivers relief of sinus pain for the 34M with chronic sinusitis and 22M with allergic rhinitis. Tivic Health's goal is to deliver home-use devices that help clients stay in control of diseases and conditions without chemicals or side effects.

    Torq Labs | Health & Wellness

    Madison, Wisconsin

    Torq Labs is connected clothing for lower body safety and performance improvement.

    Trust & Will | FinTech

    San Diego, California

    Trust & Will is the easy, fast, and secure way to set up an estate plan online.

    Unruly Studios | Education

    Boston, Massachusetts

    Unruly Studios has created the first STEM toy that teaches kids to code and get them active. Unruly teaches kids the logic of coding and challenges kids six and up to apply STEM skills to the real world, creating active games to play with friends.

    upByte (UpBed) | Health & Wellness

    Portland, Maine

    upByte is focused on the use of technology to help address the challenges of elder care. It is smart clothing that allows caregivers to monitor elders remotely.

    Valisure | Health & Wellness

    New Haven, Connecticut

    Valisure is a novel digital pharmacy that chemically batch-tests all medications for quality and consistency. It is delivered to consumers with an easy-to-understand certificate of analysis.

    Velox Robotics | Industrial Automatic

    BainBridge Island, Washington

    Velox Robotics delivers a radical new acceleration-based technology poised to disrupt the $1B gravity-based automated weighing industry.

    Veripad | Health & Wellness

    New York, New York

    Veripad's portable chemical test card and a companion mobile application make it easier than ever to detect counterfeit and falsified medicines.

    WattBuy | Smart Home, Clean Tech

    Washington, DC

    WattBuy finds competitive electricity rates to help customers save money through its analytics platform.

    Wavelite | Connectivity

    Montreal, Canada

    Wavelite believes in a world with zero power wireless communication for sensors. By freely riding sensor data on ambient Wi-Fi along with Wavelite's patented software, the sensor’s power consumption is decreased by a factor of 1000x. This infrastructure dramatically increases the lifetime of sensors used in IoT applications.

    WeatherCheck | Fintech, Real Estate

    Louisville, Kentucky

    WeatherCheck monitors property by address for weather damage, notifies when damage has occurred, and provides data to support valid insurance claims.

    Weavy | Productivity

    Los Angeles, California

    The Weavy Framework adds instant messaging, team newsfeeds, file sharing, documents from OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more in and across all user's web apps.

    WeSolv | Employment

    Chicago, Illinois

    WeSolv improves diversity by leveraging real-time performance data and technology to expand companies' talent pipeline and make the best hires. By engaging top talent to solve real, hands-on business challenges, WeSolv enable companies to hire based upon performance, not perception.

    WorkHound | Employment

    Chattanooga, Tennessee

    WorkHound creates a real-time feedback loop between frontline workers and their companies to give workers a voice, address issues, and improve operations. The platform is custom-built for the remote, distributed driving workforce.

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