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15 More Rising Startups Competing at #SOTYSummit19

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The 7th Annual Startup of the Year Competition and Summit powered by Established and Start Co. will be held the weekend of October 14-16 in Downtown Memphis and promises to be curated experience designed for investors, entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and accelerators to make meaningful relationships.

Additionally, the Top 100 Semifinalists will battle it out for the championship title, American Airlines Business Extra points, the possibility of up to $100K in investments, and more!

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Meet these 15 startups that will join the Top 100 in Memphis:

Biomedican | Berkeley, CA
Deriving cannabinoids from plants is expensive and has a huge environmental impact. Biomedicin makes natural cannabinoids from yeast, a process that is much cheaper and much more environmentally friendly.

Block Lawncare | Baton Rouge, LA
Block provides on-demand lawn care. That means immediate pricing, á-la-carte, schedulable services, in-app payments, and mower ratings and reviews for the customer. It also means a low-friction way for mowers to make money without the administrative burden of acquiring customers, collecting payments or handling support claims.

EnrichHER| Atlanta, GA & Washington, DC
EnrichHER connects revenue-generating women-led companies seeking up to $250,000 with accredited and non-accredited lenders who want to earn 15% return on their investment while fueling the growth of women-led businesses.

Nikola Power | Denver, CO
Nikola Power is a clean energy company that provides a platform of energy storage services to solar developers in order to help them navigate the emerging solar plus storage market.

re:3D | Houston and Austin, TX & San Juan, PR
re:3D is committed to decimating the cost and scale barriers to industrial 3D printing. After pioneering the world’s first affordable, human-scale industrial 3D printer, they are now enabling 3D printing directly from reclaimed plastic pellets or flake.

REAL DFM | New Orleans, LA
REAL DFM is a boutique design, development, and manufacturing firm headquartered in New Orleans, LA with a prototyping studio in Dongguan, China and a satellite office in Bath, UK.

Rebric | Denver, CO
Financial institutions are required to have anti-money laundering programs in place, but current rules based approaches have upwards of 90% false positive rates. Rebric provides a managed infrastructure platform so financial institutions can get machine learning and AI systems to detect laundering without having to bring on additional operations and data science staff.

Rent My Wardrobe | Dallas, TX
Rent My Wardrobe is a female owned and operated company whose app-based platform facilitates a consumer-to-consumer rental service for women’s fashion, empowering women to become their own entrepreneurs and giving them a way to generate additional income.

Resonado | South Bend, IN
By rethinking the core mechanism behind speakers, Resonado has developed a new speaker technology that is 70% thinner and lighter, 40% more energy efficient, and 30% less expensive than a traditional speaker technology while also providing superior sound quality, unprecedented design flexibility, better heat dissipation, and reduced defect rates in production.

Saathi | Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Unlike wood pulp or cotton, Saathi’s 100% biodegradable and compostable sanitary pad is made from banana fiber, which is one of the most absorbent natural fibers and abundant in India. Not only are they more comfortable and safer for users because they don’t contain bleach, they also degrade within 6 months of disposal (1,200x faster than conventional pads) and eliminate the need for incineration, reducing CO2 production.

SAFE Group | Los Angeles, CA
SAFE is a national healthcare company focused initially on the underserved market of sexual health. Via the SAFE app, users can import their test results from almost any doctor, clinic, or lab for free so they can show their verified sexual health status to potential partners.

Safety Pin | Baltimore, MD
Safety Pin’s digital trust badge gives users a way to take trust and safety into their own hands with a 3rd-party, forward-facing solution that works on any app or platform. By increasing the level of trust online, they are helping people book more jobs when using on-demand apps (like, Wag, etc.) while giving potential clients greater peace of mind.

Savormetrics | Mississauga, Canada
Savormetrics is a technology leader in AI driven portable devices that provide businesses across the food sectors with actionable food safety and quality metrics, allowing companies to reduce waste and increase profits by smart procurement, inventory management and processing.

SCIX LLC | Tampa, FL
SciX is a biotech IoT application development company that creates science-based and health-related mobile, wearable applications and devices for the healthcare industry.

SegAna | Orlando, FL
SegAna LLC is a medical device company that’s developed a cloud-based software platform utilizing artificial Intelligence and a proprietary algorithm that measures changes in patient specific tissue elasticity for enhancing radiation treatment of cancer. Their technology enhances the treatment of cancer by providing radiation oncologists the ability to define the margin of a tumor on the day of treatment and predict an abnormal treatment up to 4 days in the future.

You can meet these incredible innovators, and many others, at Summit by registering for Summit:

Can’t join us for the entire Summit? You can still attend one or both of the Startup of the Year evening parties. 10/15 - SOTY Showcase & Celebration at AutoZone Park; 10/16 - SOTY Top 5 Finals & Happy Hour on the iconic Peabody Rooftop Skydeck, where five finalists will pitch and the 2019 winner will be announced.

See you in Memphis

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