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Andrew Nguyen From BARK Chats About Product Strategy And The Product Mindset - Startup of the Year Podcast

· SOTY Podcast

In this episode of the Startup of the Year Podcast, we hear a conversation between Andrew Nguyen from BARK and Matt Hunckler of Powderkeg, when they talked about product strategy and the “product mindset” at our 9th Annual Startup of the Year Summit.

Andrew is a customer obsessed product leader who builds and grows consumer products. He’s a human centered problem solver with over a decade of experience leading digital product teams across BARK, Zappos, Capital One, and AOL (e-commerce, finance, media, and advertising). He has shipped several award winning, highly rated mobile app and web experiences for millions of happy customers.

BARK was founded in 2012, and loyally serves dogs nationwide with monthly subscription services, BarkBox and Super Chewer; a curated e-commerce experience on   

We are also starting a new segment where we highlight one startup from our community during every episode. Our first company to be featured is PlaneAhead, which is the first organization of its kind that takes full advantage of the termination of airline change fees. The way it works is they track your purchased itinerary from the day you buy until take off.  When the price of your ticket goes down, they automatically exchange the ticket and send you the airline credit from the change. Go to to learn more!

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