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Announcing 15 More Startups Joining the Top 100 at #SOTYSummit19

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Announcing 15 More Startups Joining the Top 100 at #SOTYSummit19

The Established Team (the power behind Startup of the Year) and new partner, Start Co., are co-producing the 7th Annual Startup of the Year Competition & Summit from October 14 - 16, 2019 in Memphis, TN. It is a curated experience designed for investors, entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and accelerators to make meaningful connections and build relationships.

The Top 100 Semifinalists will battle it out for the championship title, American Airlines Business Extra points, the possibility of receiving up to $100K in investments, and more!

Meet 15 more startups headed to Memphis

Doghead Simulations | Orlando, FL
Doghead Simulations is improving the way we fundamentally educate and collaborate via their virtual reality application, rumii.

Fruutful | Tampa, FL
Fruutful is a D2C company whose patent-pending design has simplified an overly complex bra sizing system, allowing their customers to create their own personal fit down to the exact centimeter.

Gravy | Alexandria, VA
Think of Gravy as Uber for hospitality industry staffing. Hospitality pros and employers create and maintain a profile, find each other, and transact through an easy-to-use mobile app. Employers can hire trained, vetted employees arriving the same day, next day, or at any time they choose.

Jessie | New Orleans, LA
Jessie is an on-demand digital clinic for women that streamlines access to today's leading virtual care services through personalized navigation and support.

KOVA | Philadelphia, PA
KOVA provides a solution for the modern bicycle rider who travels and commutes and wants to look good, thanks to their convenient, stylish, and customizable helmets that fold down to a ⅓ of its size and which exceed current safety standards.

OBE Power | Miami, FL
OBE Power is solving the "chicken or the egg" dilemma for electric vehicle and charging stations with its exclusive EV Charging as a Service solution, at no cost to host properties and with charging rates below the price of gas.

Perimeter 81 | Tel Aviv, Israel
Unlike hardware-based firewall and VPN technology, Perimeter81’s cloud-based and user-centric Secure NaaS, which utilizes the Zero Trust and Software-Defined Perimeter security models, offers greater network visibility, seamless onboarding, and automatic integration with all the major cloud providers.

Phylomics | Washington DC
Phylomics provides routine, non-invasive, and accurate cancer screening via a blood test that detects multiple types of cancers in asymptomatic patients.

Physna | Cincinnati, OH
Using a series of proprietary algorithms and AI, Physna creates a Physical DNA (or “PNA”) code for all 3D properties and characteristics; it’s the world's first software to fully understand and analyze all 3D models the same way, enabling computers to "think" in 3D and bridging the gap between the digital world and our 3D physical world.

Pilleve | Washington DC & San Francisco, CA
Pilleve is an integrated pill bottle that helps care providers identify high risk patients and intervene before the onset of an addiction. Patients are prescribed the device along with their prescription opioids, packaged and distributed by a pharmacist, and reimbursed by an insurance company.

Professional Credentials Exchange | Nashville, TN & Tampa, FL
Professional Credentials Exchange facilitates the completely secure and reliable exchange of professional identity and credentials information through a 100% cloud-based platform

Proov | Boulder, CO
Proov has developed an easy and non-invasive progesterone test strip that allows women to understand if their bodies are ready for conception.

PulseWear | Brooklyn, NY
PulseWear is a maker of wearable wellness and health-related devices aiming to balance biological rhythms. Its first patented product, DreamOn, gets users the sleep they need via tactile entrainment.

Quinncia | Boston, MA
Quinncia is career readiness platform using AI to embedded career readiness into the classroom for college students, helping them highlight their soft skills to potential employers and have meaningful careers.

RallyBright | Bethesda, MD
RallyBright is a software platform that leverages proprietary science and proven team development to help business leaders build better teams by measuring and improving team performance and strengthening team dynamics.

Meet these incredible innovators at Summit, by registering for Summit with early bird prices until 8/15:

Can’t join us for the entire Summit? You can still attend one or both of the Startup of the Year evening parties. 

10/15 - SOTY Showcase & Celebration at AutoZone Park

10/16 - SOTY Top 5 Finals & Happy Hour on the iconic Peabody Rooftop Skydeck, where five finalists will pitch and the 2019 winner will be announced.

We hope to see you in Memphis!

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