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Final List of Startups Announced

Meet more Startup of the Year Semifinalists

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Innovate Celebrate 2018 is just around the corner, and Startup of the Year is eager to share the final list of startups who will compete for the 6th Annual Startup of the Year. The Top 100 selected startups will join co-producers of Innovate Celebrate, Established and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), in Boston from October 15 - 17, 2018, where they will pitch, showcase, and compete. It's one of those not-to-be-missed events, so get your tickets today!

Fun Fact: The Top 100 represent 46 % female founders and co-founders; 50% minority founders and co-founders; 8% Veterans; 25 states, and 6 countries!

The Top 100 Need YOUR Vote!

The People's Choice Award Regional Polls Are Now Open.

What does this mean? It means that YOU - as a friend, fan, and startup enthusiast - have the exciting opportunity to select your favorite Startup of the Year Semifinalist, and cast your vote for the the People's Choice Award. The startup with the most votes across all regions will receive a coveted gold trophy.

What are you waiting for? Head over here, cast your vote, and then kindly spread the word to the world on which startup you think should win! The online poll will close on October 8 (midnight PST); only one vote per person.

Special shout out to VatorX, our Startup of the Year Polls and Application provider!

Final Startup of the Year Semifinalists

Listed alphabetically with vertical category and location

Adistry | Business

Boulder, Colorado

Adistry is reshaping and automating how media is bought and sold.

Alertgy, Inc. | Health & Wellness

Melbourne, Florida

Alertgy is real-time, on demand blood glucose monitoring in the palm of your hands that uses non-invasive wristband technology.

Bone Health Technologies | Health & Wellness

San Francisco, California

Bone Health Technologies is bringing new-age therapies for widespread bone diseases to market. Its first offering is OsteoBoost, a belt containing electronics that uses scientifically-proven vibration technology to combat osteoporosis, which affects 50 million in the US.

DigDates | Lifestyle, PetTech

New Orleans, Louisiana

Dig - The Dog Person's Dating App is the best way for dog-lovers and dog owners to find a compatible date. Dig helps dog-loving singles find each other, suggests dog-friendly locations nearby for first date ideas, and connects users to the dog community in their area.

Dreyev | Automotive

Purdys, New York

Dreyev is the digital assistant with copilot expertise. It is a risk mitigation system which includes the ability to detect safe driving conditions and support for simple mind-stimulating spoken interactions. The LingoFit monitors driver attention to prevent accidents caused by distraction and drowsiness.

Extend | FinTech

New York, New York

PayWithExtend enhances the potential of business credit cards by enabling cardholders to safely share their card with employees and freelancers.

Fade | Lifestyle

Austin, Texas

FADE connects men with the best local barbers for their individual hair type. Barbers use the platform to manage clients, booking, and financials in one place while easily reaching new customers.

HatchApps | Business

Washington, DC

HatchApps allows customers to build the best app for their business without code. It uses an automated app creation platform to launch native apps for iOS, Android, and the web.

Jack and Ferdi PBC | Business, Travel

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Jack and Ferdi is an app that offers business travelers authentic suggestions in the form of 5 things to see or do, 5 typical dishes to taste, 5 souvenirs to bring back, and 5 charities to support.

Knack | Education

Tampa Bay, Florida

Knack is the fastest growing peer learning platform for college students. It focuses on impacting student graduation and career pathways by enabling peer tutoring/mentoring on college campuses.

LawnTap | Lifestyle, IoT

Atlanta, Georgia

LawnTap's AI bot helps tailor the best lawn care for the customer. It automates the whole lawn care process to where the customer's lawn takes care of itself via Gaia, the personal on-demand lawn care assistant.

Laz3d | MedTech

Houston, Texas

Laz3d is pioneering cutting edge 3D printing technology in medicine. The technology allows users to rapidly prototype soft models with similar properties to human tissue, allowing doctors to rehearse difficult operations before they happen and to improve surgery and medicine training.

MetaVRse | Business, AR

Ontario, Canada

MetaVRse is a global leader in vCommerce solutions. Their end-to-end solution transforms physical products into 3D assets instantly for use in retail and E-Commerce on Web, Facebook, Snap, VR, and AR.

Neuro Rehab VR | Health & Wellness, VR

Fort Worth, Texas

Neuro Rehab VR creates VR/AR cognitive and physical neurological therapy training exercises leveraging the breakthroughs in neuroplasticity for stroke and brain injured patients.

Nopneu | Health & Wellness

Atlanta, Georgia

Nopneu is working to save the nearly 1 M children's lives, who annually die from pneumonia with a rapid, diagnostic test that changes color and is easy to read.

Piccles | Lifestyle, Health & Wellness

Boston, Massachusetts

Piccles is a collaborative drawing platform that reduces anxiety, relieves boredom, and fosters human connection.

PikMyKid | Education

Tampa, Florida

PikMyKid is a comprehensive school safety system that ensures student safety with features, such as dismissal automation, parent communication, liability mitigation, Panic Button, and SMART Feeds.

Please Assist Me, Inc. | Lifestyle

Nashville, Tennessee

Please Assist Me allows users to come home to everything done. This comprehensive mobile app allows users to outsource all household chores through one platform to a dedicated personal assistant. Users come home to groceries in the fridge, laundry washed and folded, dry-cleaning picked up, house cleaned, packages taken to the post office and more. Users can also request special requests like picking up a birthday cake or waiting for the cable guy to meet individualized needs as they occur.

Project Ray | Health & Wellness

Hartford, Connecticut

Project RAY provides tools and services that enable visually impaired people to benefit from digital services and participate in today's social conversation.

Respirix | Health & Wellness

San Francisco, California

Respirix is changing the paradigm for non-invasive management of cardiac health. The approach combines a unique physiological signal, off-the-shelf sensors, and cloud computing to predict patient health.

ServiceBot | Business

Memphis, Tennessee

ServiceBot is using text bots and machine learning to automate most of what is takes to run a home services company. Built on a complete home service software platform, including CRM, field service management, scheduling, and back office, it can reduce overhead and increase revenue.

ShyftAuto | Business, Automotive

Greenville, North Carolina

ShyftAuto is a subscription platform that allows customers to book online via a web application and mobile application. The customer selects the car services wanted ad the certified facility for where the car will be serviced. ShyftAuto will send a driver out to pick the vehicle up, deliver it to the certified service facility, and deliver it back once it is completed.

SimpleSense | Government, SaaS

Reno, Nevada

SimpleSense helps first responders, civilian or military, find people fast. Simple sensors and smart routing takes first responders to where they need to go 10X faster.

Torq Labs | Health & Wellness

Madison, Wisconsin

Torq Labs is connected clothing for lower body safety and performance improvement.

Trust & Will | FinTech

San Diego, California

Trust & Will is the easy, fast, and secure way to set up an estate plan online.

upByte (UpBed) | Health & Wellness

Portland, Maine

upByte is focused on the use of technology to help address the challenges of elder care. It is smart clothing that allows caregivers to monitor elders remotely.

WattBuy | Smart Home, CleanTech

Washington, DC

WattBuy finds competitive electricity rates to help customers save money through its analytics platform.

Weavy | Productivity

Los Angeles, California

The Weavy Framework adds instant messaging, team newsfeeds, file sharing, documents from OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more in and across all user's web apps.

Meet the Top 100 Startups at Innovate Celebrate 2018

 Innovate Celebrate, co-produced by Established (from the creators of TechCo Media) and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), is the premier global conference that bridges the gap between the very best emerging startups and the world's leading technology brands. This 3-day conference will take place in Boston from October 15 - 17 at the Revere Boston Common Hotel and will include one-of-a-kind, founder-focused programming, such as the Startup of the Year Showcase and Celebration, Digital Fight Club: Boston, Innovative Pop-Ups, Pitch Coaching, Mentor Sessions, and much more.