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Latest Reveal of 15 More Startups Pitching at Summit

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The Established and Start Co. Teams are working hard planning #SOTYSummit19 to take place in Memphis, TN from October 14-16, 2019. Summit is a curated experience for corporate leads, investors, and entrepreneurs and will include the culmination of the 7th Annual Startup of the Year competition. These 15 startups will join the Top 100 group of Semifinalists to pitch, showcase, and compete for the 2019 title, up to $100K in potential investments and more.

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(Image: 2018 SOTY Showcase & Celebration | Boston, MA)

Meet these 15 early-stage companies joining the Top 100 Semifinalists at Summit:

180byTwo | Tampa, FL
180byTwo delivers data-driven, audience solutions by bringing together technology, analytics, expertise, and strategy to help transform their clients marketing programs, providing them with tailored solutions that meet their unique business needs.

A Boring Life | Boring, OR
A Boring Life makes high quality, chef-curated, all-natural snack foods — including roasted almonds with lavender, dark chocolate & sea salt almonds and sweet & spicy walnuts — that are infused with hemp extract/CBD in order to support a more relaxed lifestyle for their customers.

Bansen Labs | Pittsburgh, PA
Bansen Labs’ Xogo is a universally accessible and fully customizable hardware and software platform that breaks down barriers faced by people with disabilities through affordable, adaptive, assistive tech, thus enabling them to lead more fulfilling, productive, and dignified lives.

ecoSPEARS | Orlando, FL
ecoSPEARS is a clean tech company that provides the environmental remediation industry with cost-effective, green technologies for remediating contaminated sediments, soils, and groundwater. They are focused on the triple-bottom line where innovation, education, and sustainability efforts create better water for a better future.

Enroll Hero | San Diego, CA
Enroll Hero helps seniors find the optimal Medicare plan in seconds thanks to a machine-learning based platform that takes user data and recommends the optimal Medicare health plan, across Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Prescription Drug plans.

FanSaves | Cornwall, Ontario
FanSaves helps sports teams and other organizations increase their sponsorship sales and fan engagement via a mobile app that gives fans discounts and deals from the sponsors of their favourite teams and allows both teams and sponsors a valuable way to track ROI and customer analytics.

GuestBox | Tampa, FL
GuestBox delivers thoughtfully curated welcome gifts to create one-of-a-kind customer experiences, helping distinctive brands drive exclusive engagement and serving as a distribution channel in the travel and hospitality industries. Their product companies in toiletries, skincare items, and snacks are innovative, eco-conscious, healthy, and welcoming.

NeuroFlow | Philadelphia, PA
NeuroFlow is a healthcare technology company that enables behavioral health access and engagement across the continuum of care. Combining validated techniques, evidence-based protocols, data science, and behavioral economics, they allow hundreds of clinics, health systems, and providers to objectively assess, track, and engage patients.

Pacvue | Seattle, WA
Created by industry experts, Pacvue combines AI algorithms and specialized e-commerce and advertising expertise to help their customers grow their share of voice, increase sales, and improve profitability.

Picktime | Austin, TX
Picktime is an online appointment scheduling platform that automates the inconvenient process of manual scheduling, making it a one-stop-shop for all scheduling needs. Through Picktime users can manage classes, courses, rooms, equipment, conference halls, camping grounds, events, sell tickets, take payments, and much more.

Smartbeat | Salt Lake City, UT
Smartbeat is a video baby monitor with breath detection that lets parents know their baby is okay with no wearables or contact of any kind. It is so accurate that it can measure the depth and duration of every individual breath, and unlike other non-contact monitors, it does not use radar or microwaves.

SQRL | Brambleton, VA
SQRL’s workplace wellness program empowers the physical, emotional and financial wellness of the workforce and is made specially for small business owners who want to make holistic wellness part of their work culture but have been priced out by their insurance plan.

Stay in the Game | Los Angeles, CA
Stay in the Game offers a variety of work options for professional, highly-educated women who want to balance their careers with care-giving, including flexible, remote opportunities, on-going skills training, and support from an inspiring, authentic community.

Stop & Block | New Orleans, LA
Stop & Block has created an automated, battery-operated sunscreen dispenser that let’s people get single serve sunscreen on the go. The customer walks up to the dispenser, selects how much sunscreen they need, inserts payment, and the sunscreen dispenses like Purell.

SureSitter | Dublin, Ireland
SureSitter is an end-to-end solution for sourcing, managing, and paying trusted childcarers, digitizing what is currently a manual, time-consuming, and typically non-compliant process.

Meet all of the Top 100 Semifinalists at #SOTYSummit19!

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