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Meet the Woman-Owned Startups Celebrated as Startup Spotlights in May 2022

Angel Assistance provides an Angel for your life to tackle the weekly to-do list in your home so you can focus more on what matters week to week.

  • Apsy (West Hollywood, CA)

Apsy uniquely combines human creativity with AI speed and accuracy to build elegant custom apps at significantly reduced costs.

Behaivior is a digital wellness company that uses behavioral health technology & wearables for relapse & overdose prevention. They help people stay on track with their recovery process by providing the right intervention in real time, and help care providers better serve clients.

Blended Sense is a Media-Technology platform that connects small business owners with creative professionals locally on a subscription model.

Bridge separates the treatment of pain from the risk of addiction with strong, yet safe alternatives to opioids for pain and greatly improved therapies for addiction in order to save thousands of lives and disrupt multi-billion dollar markets.

Create video games without code. Like Bubble for games & interactive stories.

CLEAR Child Psychology partners with families to provide diagnostic assessments, clarity and a customized roadmap for supporting their unique child. Their goal is to free families from the burden of unknowing and to connect kids with the help they need to find their own path to happiness.

ClearOPS helps vendors easily pass customer privacy and security reviews.

EnerYields makes it easy for building owners to save time and money on green construction and retrofits.

Think "TripAdvisor for disabilities."

Foodom is everyone's personal chef marketplace. For less than DoorDash, busy families can book in-home qualified chefs to shop, meal prep, and leave their kitchen sparkling clean with food for the whole week.

A proprietary technology platform facilitating on-demand expert advice to support business and career growth.

GoCoach is a B2B SaaS Subscription Talent Development Upskilling Platform & Marketplace.

Hubly Surgical is replacing the hand-crank drill used to perform the most common neurosurgery with an advanced drill designed for safety.

Immersive Cure LLC is a social enterprise company harnessing the power of virtual reality to address social isolation, pain, and anxiety in Veterans and older adults in long term care. They developed a simple turnkey kit that is ready to use right out of the box, preloaded with relaxation, guided meditation and tours of the war memorials in Washington DC. Even if a patient is bed bound, they provide a way for them to travel outside of their four walls, letting them experience something new and exciting!

Providing benefits beyond insurance, global medical and safety protection that is tech-enabled for those going beyond borders.

interviewIA is the next generation of hiring technology.

A language instruction tool that provides evidence-based bilingual instruction and curriculum support for K-12 English language learners. With MARVL, students learn English words simultaneously with their home language, potentially reducing academic achievement inequalities.

OpticSurg Inc.’s mission is to optimize patient care delivery leveraging Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Their first go to market product is "Vision Beyond" - a smart glasses enabled Telehealth Software platform that meaningfully enhances and facilitates provider to provider communication by integrating into the patient care workflow.

Play Out is a digitally native consumer brand building the future of inclusive fashion through a new gender-equal values-driven shopping ecosystem.

Relavo is changing the way that kidney failure patients receive treatment by making home dialysis safer and more accessible.

Rex Academy provides Computer Science courses to K12 schools using an e-learning platform.

RootLo App is a virtual water cooler improving the quality of life for remote workers

A video-based platform and community to efficiently and meaningfully connect underrepresented founders, investors, and partners.

Shamrck Education helps students find their perfect career, connects them with local professionals, and helps school districts with the data to support them.

TaxTaker helps innovative companies earn extra non-dilutive funding for their business with R&D tax credits. It handles the boring paperwork and you get the money.

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