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Presenting: 15 More Rising Startups to Compete at #SOTYSummit19

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7th Annual Startup of the Year Competition Heads to Memphis

From October 14-16, Memphis, Tennessee will share its magic and appreciation for entrepreneurs as home to the 7th Annual Startup of the Year Global Competition and Summit. Summit is a cultivated experience specifically created for investors, entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and accelerators to make impactful relationships with one another.

Powered by Established and Start Co., this seventh installment of the annual event will see 100 startups showcase their game-changing products and services as they compete for a coveted spot in the Top 5 — and up to $100K in potential investments!

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Introducing the next batch of 15 startups participating at Summit this fall:

Gearo | Denver, CO

Gearo is the OpenTable for outdoor gear rentals. Their marketplace connects outdoor retailers with adventure seekers looking for gear rentals, while at the same time, simplifying the booking process for gear seekers by connecting them to specialty retailers.

Tackle AI | Chicago, IL
Tackle AI’s algorithms and neural network automatically discover data on any document or image, with no previous programming or training. Much like a human, its AI becomes smarter the more it sees and learns, in addition to being much faster, more accurate, and costing less money than the competition.

The Last Gameboard | Denver, CO
The Last Gameboard is a technology company that is building the world's first board game console. Using patent-pending technology, its 15” x 15” Gameboard 1 touchscreen device allows for any game piece to be used to pin-point precision in a three-dimensional volume.

Tomahawk Robotics | Melbourne, FL
Tomahawk Robotics’ software suite, Kinesis, allows users to control different robotic systems in a uniform way, port autonomy capabilities from one platform to another, and leverage information across these systems.

TrayAway | New Orleans, LA
Using a combination of hardware and software, TrayAway keeps track of all hotel tray locations, as well as their duration of use. When a guest is done with his/her meal, he/she simply clicks a TrayAway device to notify the hotel staff for pickup.

TrenLot | Reno, NV
TrenLot’s CrewBuilder is a cloud-based platform that combines project management with resource optimization to help construction companies effectively scale. It’s easy to use, with Field Friendly A.I. and Thinking Schedules that improve usability, insight and value, Real Time 360° Dashboards, Capacity Planning, and PayBuilder in order to expedite customer payments.

Uplift Parents | Washington, D.C.
Uplift Parents turns working mothers into a competitive advantage for companies via a digital learning platform that increases productivity and overall well-being. Through the company’s B2B2C business model, companies can recruit, retain, and advance talent like never before.

Uvii | New York, NY
Uvii is a mobile-first, collaborative learning app for speaker seminars. It functions as a learning assessment plugin tool for learning management systems LMS, university portals, and school districts, providing video response tools for students and self-learners.

Verapy | Tampa, FL
Using virtual reality technology, Verapy enhances patient experience through exercise games specifically designed to increase patient retention, while simultaneously, improving operational efficiencies for physical and occupational therapy staff.

Vertoe | New York, NY
Vertoe is America's leading short term storage and daily luggage storage provider with over 300 locations in 20+ cities. By using underutilized space at local shops and businesses, they are able to deliver safe storage spaces that users can book and access within five minutes and for as low as $6/day.

VictimsVoice | Princeton, NJ
VictimsVoice is a tool aiming to fix the legal documentation burdens that victims face when recalling details for reporting acts of abuse, harassment, and discrimination. It meets the strict legal standards (Daubert Standard) of court admissibility and gives complete ownership and control to the victim — no one else.

Waverly Labs | New York, NY
Waverly Labs is ‘breaking down language barriers’. They are an innovative consumer products company converges wearable and translation technology - first with Pilot, earbuds that capture speech with high clarity and next, Ambassador, an over-the-ear live translation piece.

wiseHer | Framingham, MA
wiseHer is a technology platform providing on-demand expert advice to women business owners and entrepreneurs. Their advice-as-a-service platform provides a simple solution by connecting women through phone consultations with “been there done that” experts, who can help them start, build, and grow their businesses faster and/or rise higher in their corporate careers.

YogiFi | Atlanta,GA
A blend of ancient science and modern technology, Yogifi is an intelligent yoga mat that offers personalized sessions, tracks asanas with real-time feedback, and correlates body vitals for holistic wellness.

youBelong | Bonita Springs, FL
youBelong is the first social network for people with differing disabilities. It offers users a safe place to express themselves online via technology that can detect and block cyberhate and bullying before it is posted.

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You can still attend one or both of the Startup of the Year evening parties:

10/15 | 6 PM - 8 PM | SOTY Showcase & Celebration at AutoZone Park
10/16 | 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM | SOTY Top 5 Finals & Happy Hour at the Peabody Memphis