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Startup of the Year Podcast

#0001 - Highlighting the 2018 Startup of the Year Top 5

· SOTY Podcast

In the first episode of the Startup of the Year Podcast, host Frank Gruber is joined by co-hosts Jen Consalvo, Rich Maloy, and Lori Thiel from the Established and Startup of the Year team to discuss five startups that shined bright in the 2018 Startup of the Year program.

The five startups discussed include:

  1. Aperiomics -  Ashburn, VA
  2. Park & Diamond - Brooklyn, NY
  3. WeatherCheck - Louisville, KY
  4. Tivic Health - Menlo Park, CA 
  5. Ario - Norfolk, VA

Listen in as these five growing, early-stage companies are discussed in great detail. Find out which startups are raising funding rounds, which companies have the most traction, and what these companies have planned in the year ahead.