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Startup of the Year Podcast

#0004 - The Mark Cuban Episode

· SOTY Podcast

In this fourth installment of the Startup of the Year podcast, Established’s Frank Gruber, Jen Consalvo, Lori Thiel, and Rich Maloy discuss the man who’s been a true Maverick in every sense of the word, Mark Cuban, beginning with a dexterous exploration of his impressively curated and notably diverse portfolio. Companies we discuss include the following:

But first the gang checks out the recent SVB Startup Outlook Report for 2019 as it has some interesting findings and trends related startups.

Then, Frank speaks with the self-professed lifelong learner about everything from his excitement over machine learning and neural networks, to the pitfalls startups can fall into, to his 2024 political aspirations.

A quick teaser...

Here’s the first thing Mark looks for when potentially investing in a company: “It’s always the same. I want something that’s unique/differentiated. Something that makes you say, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?' or 'It makes perfect sense, I’m shocked no one’s done it before.’ That’s first."

Also, here’s his advice for aspiring NBA team owners: “Make a lot of money.”