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Startup of the Year Podcast

#0006 - INNOconf New Orleans

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In just over two weeks the Established team will be be heading down to the Big Easy for Startup of the Year New Orleans taking place at INNO Conf, so our hosts Frank Gruber, Jen Consalvo, Lori Thiel, Rich Maloy, and Joe Corbett are dedicating this episode of the Startup of the Year Podcast to showcasing companies from the greater Gulf Region; many of which have actually competed — and won — past Startup of the Year competitions.

Dig Dates - New Orleans, LA
Fade - Austin, TX
Flat Out of Heels - Miami, FL
Lazarus 3D - Houston TX
One Milo - Miami, FL

From furry friends to furry men, personalized 3D-printed medical training models to smartphone-connected at-home lab tests, these startups are not only raising the profile of their oft-overlooked locales but changing the way the tech industry views — and invests in — this area of the county:

Frank also had a chance to talk with Gerard Ramos, founder and CEO of Revelry Labs, about what the New Orleans startup scene is like, as well as what we can expect from the INNO Conf event (which just so happens to be tucked in between the two weekends of Jazz Fest!).

If you’re attending — or even just in the area that weekend — make sure to block off April 30th, when we’ll be hosting Startup of the Year New Orleans at the Ace Hotel for a night of live pitching and festivities.