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Startup of the Year Podcast

#0007 - The Startup Funding Outlook with SVB

· SOTY Podcast

For this episode of the Startup of the Year Podcast, hosts Frank Gruber, Lori Thiel, and Rich Maloy of the Established team are joined by Silicon Valley Bank’s Theron McCollough to share some insights about SVB’s Startup Outlook Report for 2019, which details how technology and life science founders and executives in the U.S., the UK, China and Canada are growing their companies, and planning for future growth, amid our current state of economic uncertainty.

Touching on everything from demographic shifts, to the doubling-downs by microfunds, to the loud ringing of IPO bells, Theron helped lead an illuminating discussion on the latest industry trends and what signals to keep an eye out for in the near future.

Then, as always, the team highlights a handful of their favorite startups. This episode, they examine Knack, out of Tampa Bay; Rent Check, from New Orleans; Atlanta’s Qoins; and WattBuy, from Washington, D.C.:

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