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Startup of the Year Podcast

#0012 - Summit Preview featuring Arlan Hamilton of Backstage Capital

· SOTY Podcast

Most of the Startup of the Year podcast team is already Walkin’ in Memphis in advance of the 2019 Startup of the Year Summit — which is less than a week away — but two of our co-hosts, Frank Gruber and Lori Thiel, are still on hand and on mic to discuss all the exhilarating things attendees can expect at the event; from the raucous kickoff reception at the Hu. Hotel to the awarding of the $100,000 grand prize. They're also proud to announce that over 40% of the founders/co-founders competing this year are women, over 48% are minority, 11% are veterans, and 6% identify as LGBTQ.

Then, Frank shares his interview with beloved VC Arlan Hamilton of Backstage Capital from last year’s Startup of the Year Summit. During their conversation, they discuss how someone with no financial background was able to grow a firm into one that has invested in more than 100 companies — all of which (minus one) is run by a woman, a person of color, or an LGBTQ founder — the importance of having intimate conversations in order to learn more about what you didn’t even know you didn't know, and how Twitter can be a true source of catharsis.

Put on your blue suede shoes and check it out:

And don’t forget to join us in Memphis October 14-16 for the 2019 Startup of the Year Summit & Finals!