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AR/VR photo by Jimi Malmberg

The augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) industry is heating up. It is reported that by 2025 the AR/VR market will grow by $162.71 Billion. With great market growth potential, entrepreneurs are forging new innovations every day and taking advantage of the great opportunities in this vertical. Below are some of our community members who are innovating in this space.

AgTools Inc - AgTools provides real-time worldwide data offering market intelligence to manage volatility and increase profitability for over 500 commodities.

Behaivior - Behaivor is a digital wellness company that uses behavioral health tech, AI, & wearables for relapse and overdose prevention.

CityGuyd - CityGuyd uses AR technology to augment real-life tour guides or famous VIPs at cities and events across the globe - improving the travel experience, increasing fan engagement, and providing clients with valuable data on their attendees.

Curie - Curie brings showrooms to shoppers, enabling consumers with a virtual try-before-buy experience driven by AI.

Echo3D - Echo3D is a 3D-ready cloud platform that helps manage and deliver 3D/AR/VR content to apps & devices everywhere.

Enduvo - Enduvo is a no-code, rapid content authoring and delivery platform that allows users to create and share VR/AR content in minutes.

EverythingVR - EverythingVR will be the 1st platform for immersive users natively without a 3rd party codec.

LivePlus USA, Inc. - Mixed reality is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations, where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real-time.

OutboxEDU - OutboxEDU is an early-stage company that combines ed-tech and gamification to create a virtual environment that supports student learning.

swatchbook - swatchbook is building the largest cloud-based, collaborative material database starting with the fashion & home goods industries.

TAMP - TAMP is a medical doctor's Digital Innovation Upskilling company.

Ubiq - Ubiq is a social mixed-reality app that shows you what's happening around you in real time on a 3D digital twin of the real world.

Vestigo - Vestigo builds virtual reality adventure experiences for remote team building and leadership training. Think of it as a digitized ropes course.

Veyond Metaverse - The most advanced XR technology and cloud communication platform leader for healthcare.

Wav AI (formerly PumpML)- PumpML is building a few-shot learning sound-detection framework to improve the way people interact with their devices.

Wourld - Wourld provides gamified lessons and hands-on activities so students can learn about and participate in climate change solutions.

XRMedix - XRMedix is developing a new software-based treatment procedure for pain management injections to eliminate radiation exposure.

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Author: Erik Kast, Partnership Manager, Established

Header image by Maxim Hopman, Unsplash