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STARTUP SPOTLIGHT JULY 2022: Health & Wellness


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Established's Startup of the Year program is a community and resource for founders and their teams. The Startup Spotlight is a daily shout-out to some of the companies in our Startup Community.

According to McKinsey & Company, "people spend about $1.5 trillion a year on consumer health and wellness products and services -- and they plan to spend even more in the near future." Health and Wellness startups are vital to humanity - from aging to mental health to bully protection - and more. Below are innovations in the sector featured in our community.

Helping people with neurological conditions know when their bladder is full and move with confidence.

The Bundle Break Benefit gives employees the time and experiences they need to better focus, engage, and recharge from their everyday demands in interactive, live 1:1 and team sessions. 

BurnAlong is a holistic health, wellness, and fitness platform focused on bringing employees, and their families, choice, social motivation, and personalization in their online wellness journey.

Canopie prevents and treats common maternal mental health disorders with evidence-based techniques via our mobile app.

Daily mental health support via text message.

For busy working parents who need to grow their family and career simultaneously, GRAAPHENE is an invite only social network mobile app that allows parents to tap into a rich network of top-quality care providers or create their own trusted village to seek help for their immediate care needs.

The butterfly is the symbol of metamorphosis, a positive transformation which is what LOTA will strive to do at thei child daycare.

ListedB is a social booking app for beauty and wellness services within the Black community.

MyndVR fights isolation and improves the lives of older adults using virtual reality.

Neolth provides stress and mental health support to students by delivering on-demand, personalized care via their self-guided platform.

  • PAL (Columbia, MD)

Palbud by pal simplifies how families find qualified caregivers, care coordination, and management of autistic children in order to increase early intervention outcomes.

AI drug free telemedicine brain-training platform for kids with ADHD and ASD.

Preem is a data-powered vertical social network for cyclists.

Rememery is a digital scrapbooking app which is designed for users to live in the present, reminisce on the past, and share into the future.

SocialMama is an AI-led ecosystem that personalizes friendship & medically-vetted resources from fertility to menopause.

Storybook is an app which combines guided infant massages, narrated bedtime stories, and relaxing music to help parents get their children to relax and fall asleep.

Health cartoons for kids.

A self-esteem based e-learning platform and gaming app that leverages technology, data, and entertainment to help kids reach their full potential.

Cirkled In is LinkedIn for Gen-Z, enabling students to showcase their professional capabilities and recruiters to find the best-fit talent.

OctiLearn is a cloud-based learning ecosystem designed to help each student achieve academic success through personalized and adaptive learning.

PopSmartKids is an EdTech company with a writing platform that empowers educators to inspire the budding writers and storytellers of tomorrow.

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