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I'm pleased to announce the triumphant return of the Daily Dealflow. All the goodness of one vetted startup a day, every work day, will be back in your inbox starting Monday, November 5th!
Earlier in the year, I joined up with the team at Established. For the past six years they've run a great program called Startup of the Year. This is the perfect fit for the Daily Dealflow. We search for startups all year long and vet them to be part of our program, as well as for our clients' startup initiatives.  
As a bonus, we'll be launching a podcast that talks about the startups we featured that week in the Daily Dealflow. We'll interview founders and discuss trends in seed stage startups. 
Look for the new hotness in your inbox on Monday. 
Thank you for being a subscriber, and for your patience as I rebooted the newsletter with my new colleagues. Learn more about Established and Startup of the Year below. 
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Drum roll, please...
the 6th Annual Startup of the Year Winner is...
After a year-round process that culminated at Innovate Celebrate, Startup of the Year is thrilled to announce that the 2018 Startup of the Year winner is Aperiomics, who was recognized by the expert panel for its important work in the healthcare space, helping chronically sick patients get answers through its innovative precision pathogen testing.
Startup of the Year Awards powered by Established
Startup of the Year 2018 People's Choice Award | Fade
Startup of the Year 2018 Fan Favorite | HiberSense, Inc.
CTA's CES Eureka Park Booth Prize Winner | WeatherCheck
Top 5 Finalists‚Äč

Top 15 Honorable Mentions

Aperiomics | Ario | Bartesian | Buoy Labs | Knack | Lazarus 3D | Lifeina | Park and Diamond | swivl | Tivic Health Systems | Unruly Studios | Valisure | Veripad | WattBuy | WeatherCheck

Congrats to all of the companies who participated and were recognized at Innovate Celebrate this year. We continue to be amazed by the genius of our emerging and seasoned founders and are excited to pay attention to how they change the world.
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