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Buoy Labs

Buoy Labs makes a smart home water device that measures and categorizes water usage, with remote shutoff that eliminates 90% of insurance losses from water damage and cuts consumption by up to 10%.
Buoy Labs is an IoT smart home company for water. Its first product is a connected whole-house flowmeter, with remote emergency shutoff, that measures and categorizes water usage from a single point. Extensive use analysis, leak detection and notifications eliminate more than 90% of insurance losses from water damage, and help homeowners prevent expensive leak damage, end water bill fines, and reduce water consumption by up to 10% — all without changing their lifestyle or landscaping.
Within five years, 40% of U.S. households will find their home water bills unaffordable. Supply shortages and overuse of groundwater are affecting the West and Midwest, and crumbling infrastructure nationwide require an estimated $1T infrastructure investment. Buoy is focusing first on diagnosing and eliminating in-house leaks, which comprise 10% of household water usage. Leak detection systems like Buoy are subsidized by homeowners insurance companies to prevent water damage from leaks, the largest category of homeowner claims.

📍 Location

Santa Cruz, CA

⚙️ Product Stage

First full release

🏭 Industries

B2C, Hardware, IoT 

🤑 Fundraising Status

Actively raising

📈 Last Funding Stage


💸 Total Funding to Date

not disclosed

Big Wins

  • We have a large-scale paid pilot with a top 5 insurance company (scaling to 5,000 units by end of this year).
  • Pilots initiating in 2019 to enable HOA sub metering.
  • Initial states of participation in rebate programs and strategic partnerships.
  • 2018 Fast Company World Changing Ideas finalist
  • 2018 CES Innovation Honoree
  • 2017 Edison Design Award
  • 2017 Fast Company’s Innovation by Design

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Keri Waters


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