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Lifeina, the world's smallest intelligent fridge for the safe transport and storage of fragile medication
LifeinaBox is the world's smallest refrigerator, designed for the safe transport of fragile medications such as insulin or growth hormones. About 5% of the worldwide population are prisoners of their medication, because their medication must be maintained at a temperature between 2 and 8°C at all times. To these people, LifeinaBox gives the freedom to travel anywhere, anytime, with the peace of mind of knowing that their life-saving medication is kept at exactly the right temperature. 
Connected to a Smartphone application, available in iOS and Android, LifeinaBox is an essential tool for the better management of medication schedules, as well as the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes. The Lifeina app not only follows the temperature of the medications in real time, but also sends to the user reminders for his medication schedule so that he can better manage his condition.
Lifeina has developed a new technology for producing Peltier Effects under vacuum, rendering them more stable. We are now able to produce vast amounts of cold with very little energy consumption. This has allowed to develop a miniature fridge than can be used continuously. Peltier Effects were historically never used for more than 80 hours continuously. With Lifeina we are now at over 9700 hours of continuous use. Now that we have developed this technology, we are starting to apply it to new generations of products, such as LifeinaHeart, for organ transport.

📍 Location

Paris, France

⚙️ Product Stage


🏭 Industries

Health and Wellness, IoT, Medical Device

🤑 Fundraising Status

Considering raising

📈 Last Funding Stage


💸 Total Funding to Date

not disclosed

Big Wins

Since we have launched the Lifeina project, we have received a plethora of awards, including Design awards and business awards.
  • Design Prize Futur en Seine 
  • Janus Award for Industrial Design
  • Best SilverECO solution 2017
  • Voted Best Startup in the world at the Lisbon WebSummit
  • Startup of the Year 2018 Top 15 finalist
We have also already received over 8000 pre-orders from end-users.

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Uwe Diegel


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