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Valisure is a digital pharmacy that chemically validates medications for quality and consistency delivered directly to consumers.
Valisure is launching the first digital pharmacy to dispense chemically validated medications direct to consumers. Valisure’s Harvard and Yale-trained scientists have developed a novel, laser-based analytical technology that enables them to deliver medications to consumers that are batch-analyzed and validated for quality and consistency. This state-of-the-art process allows Valisure to rigorously validate every batch of prescription medication, over-the-counter drug or supplement it dispenses without adding costs to consumers.
Valisure identifies the primary ingredients, validates the dosage and ensures that the drug-dissolution time is appropriate. This information is relayed in an easy-to-understand certificate of analysis. Valisure’s cutting-edge technology was developed to address rising medication quality concerns over counterfeits, generics and overseas manufacturing in India and China.
Valisure founders Adam Clark-Joseph and David Light, friends since their Yale days, reconnected after Adam suffered serious complications from his anticonvulsant medication due to batch variability. Shocked that no adequate safe guards were in place, they began to grasp the magnitude and pervasiveness of the problem throughout the pharmaceutical industry. They developed Valisure as a solution to bring significant improvements in quality and consistency direct to consumers. Valisure has ISO 17025 accreditation and is DEA and FDA registered.

📍 Location

New Haven, CT

⚙️ Product Stage

First Full Release

🏭 Industries

E-Commerce, Health and Wellness, Pharmaceuticals

🤑 Fundraising Status

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💸 Total Funding to Date


Competitive Advantage

Valisure’s founding team developed a proprietary laser system for the analysis of medications. This patent-pending technology generates high-precision results consistent with industry standard HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography), but retain the high-speed and low-cost advantages of spectroscopy-based analysis. Whereas industry-standard technology often takes a month or more to calibrate a new substance, Valisure’s laser system only takes one day. This state-of-the-art process allows Valisure to rigorously validate every batch of prescription medication, over-the-counter drug or supplement it dispenses. Valisure’s mission is patient advocacy, consumer protection and performing advanced research and development. Valisure is the first American pharmacy to chemically validate and ensure the quality of all its products and to do so at no additional costs to consumers.

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David Light


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