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Alpha Recon

Identify and monitor threats to people and places proactively. Prioritize and communicate with high risk assets and events. Effectively manage post-event crisis.
Real-time and comprehensive multi-variate threat intelligence platform with integrated risk and security management tools, for any vertical. It is the ultimate decision-making and communication platform allowing management to source, prioritize, and process risk far above the capacity of human operators –at a fraction of the cost. We Recon threats impacting a company’s most important assets (people, places, things) and make risk management more effective.

What Problem Are They Solving?

  1. Lack of timely, relevant, and complete threat data impacting employees, clients, and students. Lack of proactive risk/indicator understanding. 
  2. Time, cost, and complexity involved with using multiple or missing interfaces for data collection, communication, crisis management, reporting, and asset management. It usually ends up being an expensive and ineffective boondoggle. 
  3. Lack of holistic and cost effective risk management software that stays ahead of threats and supports decision making, while remaining cost effective. Moe walls, more guards, and more cameras don't necessarily solve your problems.  

What's Innovative About Their Solution?

Alpha Recon has rare subject matter expertise across risk management and assessment, spec ops, intelligence, big data, security risk management, business development, and go to market strategy. We love our mission and can achieve it.
Our intellectual property is hard to emulate both in terms of technology and in risk management/assessment expertise. Our approach and philosophy to risk management is novel and our software supports the future of enterprise risk management. Our go-to-market enables both immediate revenue opportunities, channel partnerships, and long term industry dominance.  

📍 Location

Colorado Springs, CO

⚙️ Product Stage

First Full Release

🏭 Industries

Artificial Intelligence, SaaS, Intelligence services

🤑 Fundraising Status

Active term sheet

💸 Total Funding Range To Date


🙌 Founder Demographics

Veteran founder

Big Wins

We helped to prevent our first suicide last quarter. We receive early indicators via social media and were able to get the student help. First channel partner in Colombia has significant revenue opportunity. Our current users love the software, we are on-boarding many more, and we have Fortune 500 companies interested in trying us out. 

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Contact the Founder:

Toby Houchens


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