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KOYA Innovations

KOYA is a mobile experience that makes it easy to send video messages with gifts of kindness to be delivered when friends & family enter specific locations during specific timeframes.
VISION: To connect people through playful acts of kindness.
MISSION: To foster a culture of kindness and by doing so, provide a new channel for giving.

What Problem Are They Solving?

The world is a hard place, even in rich countries. How can we make it easier to show kindness to friends and family and those in need without looking like a handout but instead, like a thoughtful gift? Out of the $160B spent on gift cards in 2018, $1B went unredeemed because cards are lost or forgotten to be used before they expire. Many gift cards given are impersonal (Amazon with over 450M SKUs) or are received where they cannot be redeemed because of proximity.

What's Innovative About Their Solution?

KOYA is a mobile app that can deliver personal video messages and gifts of kindness to people all over the world using location and time triggers to initiate bank to bank transfers so that the sender's gift is either delivered or unused and untouched in their bank account thus reducing loss to $0. The app encourages Pay-it-Forward and non-profit giving resulting in the release of endorphins making it fun to use and keep on using.

📍 Location

Austin, TX

⚙️ Product Stage


🏭 Industries

Fintech, Impact, Messaging

🤑 Fundraising Status

Actively raising

💸 Total Funding
To Date


🙌 Founder Demographics

Female founder

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Contact the Founder:

Jon Werner


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