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Map My Customers

Map My Customers is the most powerful field sales automation platform on the market. It enables field teams to supercharge productivity, stay engaged and close more business.  
Map My Customers is a purpose-built and industry-leading provider of outside sales enablement software designed to maximize the efficiency of any sales team in the field. Map My Customers combines advanced data visualization and territory management to unlock robust sales insights along with automating the everyday menial tasks of outside sales reps. Through reducing windshield time and time spent manually entering data, our customers have seen on average a 33% weekly increase in customer visits per rep. 

What's Innovative About Their Solution?

While hundreds of startups are optimizing marketing and inside sales efforts, few startups are working on β€œthe last mile” -- the actual face-to-face customer engagement performed by outside sales reps. Our goal is to become the all-in-one, go-to solution for field sales, much like ServiceTitan has done for field service. There are a lot of software services focusing on separate parts of the problem, such as being routing-focusing, web only, or only integrating with certain CRMs (such as Salesforce) however none of them are all-encompassing. Our platform also integrates with enterprise grade CRMs such as Dynamics and SAP. 

πŸ“ Location

Raleigh, NC 
New York City, NY 

βš™οΈ Product Stage

First Full Release

🏭 Industries

B2B, Sales and CRM, SaaS

πŸ€‘ Fundraising Status

Considering raising

πŸ’Έ Total Funding
To Date


πŸ™Œ Founder Demographics


Big Wins

  • 10K monthly users, over 30,000 downloads in 55 countries
  • Clients from a variety of industries such as Ferguson, Cisco, Yelp, Novartis, L'Oreal, Clarisonic, Portwest
  • 250% growth and hit over $1 Million in ARR in 2018

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Contact the Founder:

Matthew Sniff


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