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Oct. 15 -16 | Memphis, TN
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RUBYnanomed for the non-invasive monitoring of cancer. Catching all the cancer cells with microfluidics for liquidbiopsy.
RUBYnanomed has developed and can manufacture the RUBYchip®, a microfluidic device for isolating all types of CTCs (independently of their phenotype) from unprocessed whole blood. In this way, RUBYnanomed offers a non-invasive and real-time snapshot of cancer progression to oncologists. 

The second product in our pipeline, provides an easy-to-use automated platform to retrieve cancer information at any time point through a blood draw. Our automated system prepares the isolated cells for reading and sends out a report describing the type and number of cancer cells found in the sample and their expression of selected biomarkers, pinpointing possible routes of therapy. 

In a first preliminary clinical test, we demonstrated the higher efficiency and sensitivity of our cartridge against the reference CellSearch® equipment in a small pool of 9 metastatic colorectal cancer patients. We were able to isolate a higher number of CTCs from unprocessed whole blood samples, and showed the potential to provide improved correlation with clinical prognostic information (Scientific Reports- in press).

Currently, RUBYnanomed is running pre-clinical trials at 8 hospitals for 5 different types of cancer in different countries in Europe. 

In the short life of this startup, they won several prizes at different accelerators in Portugal and Germany.

What's Innovative About Their Solution?

The RUBYnanomed technology is based on microfluidics and microengineering. The solutions available in the market are mostly based on the use of magnetic particles for the isolation of CTCs, using membrane proteins expressed on the CTCs. In this way, the isolation is biased, and not all cells are isolated, only the ones expressing that specific receptor. Also, the other system fixate the cells, and they are not viable any more. The RUBYchip isolates viable cells with no need of any sample pre-treatment. Further, our automated reader provides an unbiased analysis platform independent on laboratory or user, which will provide oncologists with comparable data at different hospitals.
In summary, the competitive advantages offered by RUBYnanomed are: 
All CTCs are isolated independently of their expression – epithelial and mesenchymal 
Isolated CTCs are viable: functional studies, drug dose studies, genomic studies can be performed. 
8 times more sensitivity than approved FDA standard
Fast and no need of sample preparation

📍 Location

Braga, Portugal

⚙️ Product Stage

Functional Prototype

🏭 Industries

Biotech, Health & Wellness, Pharmaceuticals

🤑 Fundraising Status

Actively raising

💸 Total Funding
To Date


🙌 Founder Demographics

Female founder, Minority founder

Big Wins

  • Involved in 3 preclinical trials and more than 5000 pre-orders for the RUBYchip. 
  • Participated in Shark Tank pitch at MIT - interest from Novartis

Watch the video

Download the deck

Contact the Founder:

Lorena Diéguez


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