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The VictimsVoice app is a digital diary for victims to Record2Remember each incident of abuse.
The MeToo movement has encouraged people to speak out about their experiences about harassment and abuse, but victims are still not believed and perpetrators are still not being held accountable. Most cases are still dismissed because of lack of evidence (i.e. the victim cannot remember important details due to extreme trauma) and less than 2% of cases are prosecuted. 
VictimsVoice is a tool that aims to fix those legal documentation burdens victims face when recalling details for reporting acts of abuse, harassment, and discrimination. It meets the strict legal standards (Daubert Standard) of court admissibility and gives complete ownership and control to the victim — no one else.

What's Innovative About Their Solution?

VictimsVoice is not a singular vertical market product; they meet HIPAA, VAWA, FVPSA, & VOCA regulations, GDPR compliance and theycater to Native American tribal courts as well as state jurisdiction. They also license directly to the victim, giving them full control over their data.

📍 Location

Princeton, NJ

⚙️ Product Stage


🏭 Industries

B2C, Nonprofit, Impact

🤑 Fundraising Status

Actively raising

💸 Total Funding
To Date


🙌 Founder Demographics

Female founder

Big Wins

  • Sold into 18 states after just three months on the market
  • Four live B2B contracts, partnerships with NJ Sheriff's Department, and negotiations with 2 DA's offices

Contact the Founder:

Sheri Kurdakul


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