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    Meet the amazing startups that have participated in Startup of the Year. Startups are listed alphabetically by year, including Startup Nights SXSW and CES.

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    Oska Wellness | Carlsbad, CA

    2017 Startup of the Year Winner

    UPDATE July 2018: Won Best New Technology Solution - Pain Management from the MedTech Breakthrough. This is the second MedTech win - Oska Wellness won in 2017 for the Best iOT Healthcare Wearable Device.


    Oska Wellness is committed to developing health and wellness technology-driven products that assist individuals in living a more active, pain-free lifestyle.

    ShearShare | McKinney, TX

    2016 Startup of the Year Winner

    UPDATE July 2018: Selected as a winner for the first-ever Fidelity Labs Reshape the World competition; April 2018 - Won Judge's Favorite at Google Demo Day


    Connects salon and barbershop owners to individual beauty operators to fill unused salon suites and stations on a temporary basis, allowing salon and barbershop owners make money on their excess inventory.

    Blendoor | San Francisco, CA

    2015 Startup of the Year Winner

    UPDATE July 2018: Won the 2017 SXSW Interactive Innovation Award for Innovation in Connecting People.


    A blind recruiting app that facilitates job matching based on merit, not molds.

    HIS Energy | Hampton, VA

    2014 Startup of the Year Winner

    UPDATE July 2018: No longer active.

    Maxwell Health | Boston, MA

    2013 Startup of the Year Winner

    UPDATE July 2018: Maxwell Health acquired by Sun Life Financial June 2018 for an undisclosed amount.


    The first ever operating system for employee benefits. Maxwell simplifies benefits, reduces costs, and improves employee health. Maxwell Health has gone on to raise over 69 million dollars in funding.

  • 2018 top 100

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  • 2017 top 100

    Airspace Technologies | Carlsbad, CA

    Airspace Technologies is a technology-enabled logistics service provider.

    Anglr | Pittsburgh, PA

    Anglr is a team of technologists, designers, and engineers all motivated by a true passion for fishing.

    Baarb | Los Angeles, CA

    Baarb is a revolutionary new way to book hotels on your desktop or mobile app.

    Babierge | Albuquerque, NM

    Our Babierge Independent Trusted Partners provide insured, safe, and clean baby equipment rentals.

    BenjiLock | Los Angeles, CA

    BenjiLock’s purpose is to redefine the personal security experience using hybrid technology with the consumer in mind.

    Bignay | New York, NY

    Gi Fly aims to reignite the modernization of bike technology by giving daily commuters an all-in-one bicycle that fulfills their tech savvy needs, adapts to their cities, and promotes a greener and better world.

    booqu | Seattle, WA

    booqu, like a personal concierge, finds you the most convenient services in your area based on your request.

    Brilliant | San Mateo, CA

    Brilliant Control replaces an existing light switch to give you and your family touch and voice access to lighting and other smart home products like Sonos, Nest, and more.

    Chimani | Portland, ME

    The National Parks by Chimani app includes information and photos on more than 400+ units of the National Park System, including national parks, monuments, seashore, historic sites, and more.

    Chui | San Francisco, CA

    No longer active.

    Cnote | San Francisco, CA

    CNote is an award-winning savings platform where you earn more while investing in female and minority small business owners across America.

    Context.AI | Santa Clara, CA

    Context.ai is diagnostic fingerprints of current and future health.

    Court Buddy | San Francisco, CA

    Court Buddy provides people and businesses with access to an attorney when needed, regardless of their financial status.

    Dropel | New York, NY

    Dropel develops performance-based natural, cotton fibers through material science and process technology.

    Event Nation | Washington, DC

    Event Nation is an interactive online ticketing and events management platform that’s reimagining the event experience.

    EVmatch | Santa Barbara, CA

    Whether you're looking for extra charging on-the-go, regular charging near your home, or planning a trip to a far off destination - EVmatch has you covered. Find, reserve, and pay for charging in advance.

    fAds | Los Angeles, CA

    See your Instagram feed instead of ads with fAds.

    Fixt Inc. | Baltimore, MD

    No longer active.

    FriendlyData | San Francisco, CA

    FriendlyData enables non-technical team members to access data quickly and easily, using their own language, without the need for expensive developers or database professionals.

    GeniCan | Newton, CT

    GeniCan installs easily into your existing garbage can or recycle bin allowing you to add items to your grocery list automatically as you dispose of them.

    GoBaby | Brooklyn, NY

    GoBaby allows you to rent baby gear wherever you go.

    Golden| San Francisco, CA

    Golden gives you the tools and resources to guide you in improving your parent's financial health.

    Gooroo | New York, NY

    Gooroo is a marketplace where learners and experts come to find a perfect match.

    GreenSight provides an automated, agronomic intelligence platform for superintendents, land managers, and farmers.

    informu | Denver, CO

    The Mu tag is the world's smallest loss prevention device.

    invisaWear | Nashua, MA

    invisaWear allows people to protect themselves with a discreet SOS device.

    Joy | San Francisco, CA

    JOY is on a mission to reinvent how parents share time with their children. No more stress, no more power struggles. Only precious moments spent focusing on what really matters: quality family time.

    Kitables | Boulder, CO

    Kitables creates a world with more builders in it.

    Laugh.ly | San Francisco, CA

    No longer active.

    LetsAllDoGood | Boston, MA

    LetsAllDoGood is a content management system that lets you manage your organization profile, news, events, and volunteer opportunities.

    Lifeliqe | San Francisco, CA

    Lifeliqe introduces the first digital science curriculum that engages students with interactive 3D models.

    Markett | Venice, CA

    No longer active.

    Module | Pittsburgh, PA

    Module is the urban home that grows with you.

    My Tap, Inc. | Albuquerque, NM

    WhichCraft puts a world of craft beer knowledge in the palm of your hand. Whenever you’re at a participating location, WhichCraft will give you personalized recommendations based on your individual tastes.

    Nimb | Los Altos, CA

    Nimb Ring and app is the only safety device that enables you to call for help with one click, quickly and without drawing unwanted attention.

    OpenInvest | San Francisco, CA

    OpenInvest is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) dedicated to using technology to bring honesty and transparency to financial services, while making socially responsible investing easy and more accessible.

    Orai | Philadelphia, PA

    Orai uses artificial intelligence to help solve what is considered one of the largest fears in the world: Public Speaking.

    OweYaa | New York, NY

    OweYaa is a social enterprise that has set out to change the way the business world works with and hires veterans.

    Pawprint | San Francisco, CA

    Pawprint is the official pet medical record - start by getting official medical records, direct from the vet, for free.

    Pilotly | Oakland, CA

    Pilotly creates meaningful engagements between content creators and global audiences so that creators can gather detailed feedback that can ultimately better their business outcomes.

    RentTrack | Santa Barbara, CA

    Use your rent to build credit with RentTrack

    Roam Coliving | New York, NY

    Roam is an international network of coliving spaces.

    Senstone | San Francisco, CA

    No longer active.

    Sentio | San Francisco, CA

    Your phone doubles as your laptop with Sentio. Get your work done with 'Superbook' - the laptop body that transforms your phone into a laptop.

    Smart Alto | Washington, DC

    Smart Alto sends quality buyer and seller leads to your inbox and then follow up with email and text.

    SmartBeings | San Francisco, CA

    Smartbeings is the next generation of smart AI assistants for your home, office, or store.

    SnapCheck | San Francisco, CA

    Snapcheck is a Complete Digital Payments Systems Solution with just one click.

    SolarGaps | Redwood, CA

    SolarGaps are the world's first smart solar blinds.

    Swiftmile | San Mateo, CA

    Swiftmile is a turnkey electric bike transit system that is deployable at any scale from 2 to 1,000 eBikes and beyond.

    Unbound | New York, NY

    Unbound is a leader in changing how feminists explore and enjoy their sex lives.

    Up Sonder | Los Angeles, CA

    Up Sonder is a marketplace of FAA-certified drone pilots across the United States with over 200,000 hours of flight time handling drone projects for the oil & gas, construction, real estate, and agriculture industries.

    VaGenie | Los Angeles, CA

    Inspired by the French, the VaGenie is a modern Kegel fitness and tracking solution to help strengthen the pelvic floor.

    Visabot | San Francisco, CA

    Visabot is the first immigration robot powered by artificial intelligence.

    Weavy | Los Angeles, CA

    Weavy is the framework that allows you to embed communication and productivity tools in any web based application.

    Yosi | New York, NY

    Yosi is a cloud based patient onboarding and communication software designed for your office needs. Yosi complements existing EMR and billing systems.

    ZenSports | San Francisco, CA

    The ZenSports team is obsessed about one thing -- creating a delightful experience for finding and connecting with others to play sports.

    Flux |

    The ZenSports team is obsessed about one thing -- creating a delightful experience for finding and connecting with others to play sports.

  • 2016 top 50

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    Cariloop | Dallas, TX

    Cocoon Cam | San Francisco, CA

    My Flow | San Francisco, CA

    Wellness Realities | Palo Alto, CA

  • 2015 Top 50

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