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Celebrating Six Years of Innovation, Resilience, and Success at Established®!

Six years ago, on the side of the Revolution Rise of the Rest bus, we launched a brand that was more than just a name; it was a promise – a promise to empower, innovate, and partner with visionaries and change-makers everywhere. Today, we recognize the sixth anniversary of Established, and we are filled with gratitude and pride for what we have achieved.

When TechCo Media was acquired by MVF Global, we knew we had a fresh opportunity to do something different, and with a few amazing clients, we were off!

Established was born on May 9 and has evolved into a pivotal partner in our clients' journeys. We are an extension of their teams, providing services, crafting innovation program strategies, launching websites, and steering communications that amplify a breadth of voices and missions. We were just getting going, then there was the global pandemic outbreak.

Resilience and Adaptability

While the pandemic tested our resilience and adaptability, Established successfully pivoted to serving our clients virtually, excelling as a leader in the digital event space that connected and uplifted entrepreneur ecosystems and startup communities. We flourished in the online production world, producing a variety of programming, ranging from virtual pitch events and speaker sessions to innovation showcases and multi-day conferences, and partnering with esteemed organizations such as NASA iTech, Capital One, Chase, Guidewell, CTA Foundation, American Airlines, and more.

Fostering Innovation

Startup of the Year® has been part of our core work since before the MVP acquisition, and we continue to cultivate and grow the program -- which is a community, a resource for founders and their teams, and an award competition. Through Startup of the Year, we have hosted summits in Memphis, Tampa, and during the challenging times of the pandemic, we took our summit online -- all the while democratizing access to resources and networks for startups nationwide.

Established's work with the federal government has also vibrantly expanded over our six years. We initially contracted with the U.S. Air Force’s innovation group, AFWERX, to help them build their startup ecosystem through innovation events and marketing and communication efforts. Our success with AFWERX led to us working with the U.S. Small Business Administration, where we develop program and innovation strategies. Established plans, executes, and hosts online and in-person events. We also generate marketing and educational materials for SBA’s ecosystem efforts and America’s Seed Fund, the $4B a year SBIR/STTR program.

It is inspiring and energizing to help our clients connect with innovators where they are, which is what Established does at our core – and has been doing since 2006 in the days of Tech Cocktail and Tech.Co Media -- our previous company.

Our Commitment & the Future

Our commitment to innovation is highlighted through the work done via Established Ventures, as we seek out and fund diverse founders. In the time since Established Ventures was created, two of our eight investments have found successful exits, underscoring the level of excellence and potential within the entrepreneurs and the groundbreaking ideas that we aim to support.

Reflecting on the past six years, it's clear that we've navigated what many would call unprecedented times. Yet, here we are—still driven, growing, and committed to innovation and entrepreneurship. Did you know that according to statistics, about 80% of new consulting startups fold within their first two years? Today is not just a celebration of longevity but of quality, resilience, and impact.

As Established looks to the future, we look forward to the new challenges and opportunities that await. Like most businesses, our journey has been nothing short of a roller coaster. As we continue this ride —a ride of ups and downs, twists and turns – we thank every client, partner, and team member who has joined us on this incredible journey.

Here's to many more years of making a difference, driving change, and becoming Established.

Cheers to six years! 🥂

Frank Gruber & Jen Consalvo
Co-CEOs and Co-Founders
Established & Established Ventures

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