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Five Founder-Focused Reasons to Attend Innovate Celebrate 2018

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This October, Boston will be bustling with emerging founders, leading tech brands, and investors. Known as a city filled with innovation, it will be home to Innovate Celebrate 2018 where Startup of the Year, Established, and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) will continue to bridge the gap between early-stage startups and seasoned executives.

As co-creators of the 3-day, global conference with over a decade of experience, Established knows what startups are looking for - opportunities to connect, participate, grow, and leverage - and this is just what Innovate Celebrate 2018 will offer.

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Five Reasons Founders Should Attend

1. Innovation Pop-Ups Tailored Just for Startups
Boring ol’ keynotes and panels? Not at Innovate Celebrate. Extending beyond the traditional headliner stage where founders will find inspiration from outstanding speakers, such as Arlan Hamilton (Backstage Capital) and Colin Angle (iRobot) Innovate Celebrate 2018 will also have two Pop-Up stages - Startup Stage and Lounge Stage - where sessions have been curated specifically to connect companies of all stages and sizes via demos, conversations, presentations, and more.

Pop-Up Stages sneak peek: While Mara Lewis (ID8) hosts a discussion with the corporate innovation leads on how to best work and engage with startups, Established’s own Engagement Director, Rich Maloy will provide direct guidance to startups on how to maximize time during the conference with tips on targeting, connecting, and vetting potential corporate partners during and post- Innovate Celebrate. And to further facilitate conversations, we’ll be hosting a special Matchmaking Session, matching up corporations with startups that might be strong contenders for partnerships. Check out the schedule for additional Pop-Ups being announced soon.

2. Pitch Coaching for Founders presented by Techstars
Practice what you pitch! Part of Startup of the Year’s mission is to elevate and support startup founders, and what better way to help a startup succeed than to provide resources for entrepreneurs to perfect their pitch. We are thrilled to have Techstars sponsor and lead pitch coaching for all interested entrepreneurs at Innovate Celebrate. As experts in the field, Techstars will share their knowledge on how to effectively prep and communicate when pitching to a panel of investors and judges.

3. Mentor Sessions that Foster Connection and Shared Knowledge
"Patience, Young Grasshopper" (Kung Fu). As an emerging founder and leader, there is value in having a short, but engaging conversations that could lead to long-term relationships with successful coaches, experts, and mentors. Innovate Celebrate will provide quality time for such transformative connections to take place via Mentor Circles, 1:1 Sessions, and more. Startups, corporate execs, and industry gurus will be thoughtfully matched in order to maximize professional growth opportunities for all parties. Startup of the Year will be sharing tips on meeting with a mentor in the next few weeks. Stay tuned! Details for mentor sessions will be posted to the schedule soon. Thank you to Revelry for sponsoring this year's Mentor Sessions.

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4. World-wide Startup Community
One-community, thousands of brilliant founders. Whether participating in all three days of Innovate Celebrate as a Top 100 Semifinalist or a serial entrepreneur attending the conference, or even just attending the Startup of the Year Showcase and Celebration taking place Monday night, founders will have multiple opportunities to connect with others in this community of like-minded innovators. This global network provides entrepreneurs ongoing opportunities to grow their startups and reach their highest potential at the conference and beyond. Look for opportunities around CES, SXSW, partner programs and more. Sign up at the bottom of this page to stay in the loop for all future opportunities.

5. Llamas, Startups & Fight Club
Llamas are fun, right? How about a photo with a llama? Even more fun. What about photos with llamas and the chance to mix and mingle with 100 of the most innovative startups from around the world? The most fun. Monday night at Innovate Celebrate will offer just this at the Startup of the Year Celebration - another ideal opportunity for founders to learn about one another’s game-changing products, harvest new ideas, and foster new relationships. Meet the first Top 50 Semifinalists and get a taste of what’s in store. Tuesday night will also hold a special event - Digital Fight Club: Boston where there will be five 'fights' of wits covering topics such as Robotics/AI, Health Tech, Cyrptocurrency, and more.

Join us at the Startup of the Year party or the entire 3-day conference.

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