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Startup of the year announces the next 25 semifinalists

Meet the next 25 startups that will join us at Innovate Celebrate 2018

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Startup of the Year Announces the Next 25 Semifinalists

Startup of the Year is thrilled to share the next 25 Startups that will be participating as Top 100 Semifinalists in the 6th Annual Startup of the Year global competition at Innovate Celebrate 2018, co-produced by Established and the Consumer Technology Association.

These 25 emerging startups will join the first 50 startups recently announced from October 15-17 in Boston to showcase their products to investors, seasoned executives, and other conference attendees; pitch live in front esteemed judges, as well as to participate in an array of founder-focused programming.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the next set of Top 100 Semifinalists, along with an opportunity for you to cast your vote in the Audience Choice Award via participatory online polls. Oh, and guess what, early-bird prices are still available for the 3-day Innovate Celebrate conference. Grab yours and meet the Top 100 in person!

Next 25 Startup of the Year Semifinalists

Listed alphabetically with vertical category and location | Business

Berlin, Germany & New York

Bunch uses the power of data and psychology to redefine the way companies work. Bunch enables high-growth companies to build, manage, and scale organizational culture with workflow data, psychology, and machine learning.

FanSaves Inc. | Lifestyle & Sports

Cornwall, Canada

FanSaves is a mobile app that allows sports fans to receive discounts and deals from the sponsors of their favorite professional and junior teams. The app allows businesses who sponsors pro and junior sports teams to directly track their return on investment as well as other valuable customer data and also works to connect sports fans and teams from every sports, division, and league.

Goodwings | E-Commerce

Copenhagen, Denmark

Goodwings is more than a hotel portal: it combines travel with a passion for creating a sustainable future. For every booking, Goodwings sends 50% commission to projects which benefit humans and the environment. They have a global network of 51 NGOs in 30 countries and 6 continents.

Harmany Inc. | Emergency Services

Charlotte, North Carolina

Harmany is a mobile application that matches evacuees with willing hosts during times of emergency or uncertainty. It is free to download and free to use for all parties.

InMotion Albums | Lifestyle & Digital Imaging

Broomfield, Colorado

InMotion Albums is the world’s first interactive print, digital, and video book that is a one-of-a-kind experience to relive your memories in one place.

Love Intently | Lifestyle & Communications

South Region

Love Intently is a community, resource, and participant's personal relationship guide. There are tons of dating apps to help the world fall in love, Love Intently empowers couples to Stay in Love. Love Intently empowers couples to build stronger relationships.

Moms Can: Code | Education & Employment

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Moms Can: Code is first and foremost a community of practice around moms who are learning how to code. They train moms to teach other moms how to code online and in their local communities to earn money.

Multisensor Diagnostics | Health & Wellness

Baltimore, Maryland

Multisensor Diagnostics is a diversified health and disease management company. MouthLab is their single, non-invasive, rapid medical assessment device that measures > 10 vital health parameters in under 30 seconds for pro-active remote monitoring chronic patients at home to reduce cost, improve quality, and detect early signs of disease progression.

Ovie | Smart Home

Chicago, Illinois

Ovie is the world's first smart food storage system. The average American throws away 40% of the food brought home. Ovie Smarterware is connected food storage that keeps track of food so the owner doesn't have to do so. The Smart Tag connects to the Ovie hub, registers with the cloud, and awaits instruction.

Pheramore | Lifestyle & Communications

Houston, Texas

Pheramor creates personalized products by combining DNA and Digital Data. The first product is a dating app that combines genetics of attraction via pheromones and social media meta data to quantify compatibility between singles.

ROYBI | Education & Robotics

San Jose, California

ROYBI is an AI powered companion robot in early education and language development, currently targeting kids ages 3 to 7 years.

Slightech Inc. | Wearables & E-Commerce

Santa Clara, California

Slightech is developing smart wearables that are connected to home devices, 3D stereo cameras, and Robots. Slightech strives to engineer seamless system of hardware, software, and cloud services.

SoundGuard | Real Estate & Manufacturing

Boston, Massachusetts

SoundGuard has created a soundproofing paint that is effective and affordable, making it a great solution for commercial and residential properties. SoundGuard is the only non-invasive solution that can block 10+ decibels at an average price point under $3.50/foot including installation.

Soundskrit | Hi-Tech Audio

Montreal, Canada

Soundskrit is fundamentally changing the way sound is captured to improve speech recognition and sound localization. Soundskrit's bio-inspired microphone can separate sounds coming from multiple directions.

swivl | Business

Boulder, Colorado

swivl is an engagement platform that makes AI accessible, bridging the gap between AI and human interaction with multi-channel WebBots that communicate with other platforms, such as Hubspot, Slack, and MailChimp.

Sympl. | Education

Detroit, Michigan

Facebook introduced social network, Instagram introduced social media, Sympl. introduces social learning. Sympl. helps busy college students save time by connecting students directly to the class information they need to know, the network connections they need to excel, and allows them to use their peers as primary academic resources.

Tesloop | Transportation

Los Angeles, California

Tesloop is creating a collaborative fleet of TESLA vehicles that solve all of a consumers mobility needs from car ownership to car rentals to ridesharing on a clean electric data-driven platform.

The Mentor Method | Education

Washington DC

The Mentor Method creates inclusive workplace cultures by mentoring diverse talent. Its mentor-matching platform bridges the equity gap between diverse talent and companies seeking to hire diversely.

Thrill Box, Inc. | Cloud Service & Analytics

Austin, Texas

Thrillbox solutions provide customers with intelligent behavioral insights into how their users engage with their products. Thrillbox is an end to end streaming data management platform that enables automotive, medical imaging, and entertainment companies to measure optimize and monetize their data.

Tivic Health Systems, Inc. | Health & Wellness

Menlo Park, California

Tivic Health focuses on empowering those with chronic conditions. Its first product delivers relief of sinus pain for the 34M with chronic sinusitis and 22M with allergic rhinitis. Tivic Health's goal is to deliver home-use devices that help clients stay in control of diseases and conditions without chemicals or side effects.

Velox Robotics | Industrial Automation

BainBridge Island, Washington

Velox Robotics delivers a radical new acceleration-based technology poised to disrupt the $1B gravity-based automated weighing industry.

Veripad | Health & Wellness

New York, New York

Veripad's portable chemical test card and a companion mobile application make it easier than ever to detect counterfeit and falsified medicines.

Wavelite | Connectivity

Montreal, Canada

Wavelite uses existing wireless signals that are readily available in the air. It rides the sensor data on the existing sensors, and then it follows the protocol of the signal that it reflects upon. As a result, Wavelite dramatically reduces the power consumption of the wireless sensors, consumes less power, and delivers throughputs in the same orders of magnitude as that of a recycled signal.

WeSolv | Employment

Chicago, Illinois

WeSolv improves diversity by leveraging real-time performance data and technology to expand companies' talent pipeline and make the best hires. By engaging top talent to solve real, hands-on business challenges, WeSolv enable companies to hire based upon performance, not perception.

WorkHound | Employment

Chattanooga, Tennessee

WorkHound creates a real-time feedback loop between frontline workers and their companies to give workers a voice, address issues, and improve operations. The platform is custom-built for the remote, distributed driving workforce.