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Meet the Startup of the Year® Fast-Pitch Startups

March 10, 2:00 PM CT - SXSW® 2024 at the Established® House

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On Sunday, March 10, San Jac Saloon/Jack’s Upstairs on Austin, TX’s infamous 6th Street will be transformed into the Established® House with a full day of programming curated for founders and their teams, investors, entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs), and innovation enthusiasts. 2024 proudly marks the Established Team’s 12th year of producing events in Austin during SXSW.

Startup of the Year® Fast-Pitch Competition

This year’s installment features the Startup of the Year® Fast-Pitch Competition (2:00 - 4:00 PM CT), where early-stage companies representing seven states will take to the stage. The winning startup receives a commemorative ATX Fast-Pitch trophy, global brand recognition, and an automatic semifinalist spot as a Top 100 company to compete for the grand title of Startup of the Year during the 10th Startup of the Year Summit in November.

"At the heart of SXSW, the Startup of the Year® Fast-Pitch Competition embodies our commitment to diversity and innovation. It's a stage for founders to showcase their vision and for us to celebrate the progress and potential of the entrepreneurial spirit,” said Frank Gruber, Co-CEO of Established.

As part of the Startup of the Year® official SXSW programming, attendees will enjoy Reverse Pitches by investors, government agencies, and corporate innovators, as well as a Panel discussion covering the current state of funding for startups.

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Congratulations to the participating startups!

  • AIKI Incorporated (Austin, TX)
    ClassroomSAFE harnesses technology for dynamic two-way communication between occupants inside and first responders outside, empowering safety through innovation.
  • Andi (San Francisco, CA)
    Andi is an AI search chatbox that combines generative AI with live data and semantic search technology.
  • Applied Bioplastics (Austin, TX)
    Applied Bioplastics supplies economically sustainable plant-based plastic alternatives.
  • Blanka (New York, NY)
    Blanka empowers entrepreneurs to build a private-label beauty brand with its one-stop solution and easy-to-use app.
  • CyDeploy (Baltimore, MD)
    CyDeploy is a patent-pending sandbox-on-demand with AI/ML Co-Pilot technology to improve cyber risk management.
  • EcoMap Technologies (Baltimore, MD) - Bonus Showcase
    EcoMap uses technology to digitize ecosystems, ensuring equitable and easy access to everyone.
  • necoTECH (Delaware, OH)
    necoTECH is committed to revolutionizing the construction industry and setting new benchmarks for sustainability.
  • No Limbits (Richmond, VA)
    Fashion made accessible by a team of disabled designers.
  • NUTS Technologies (Glencoe, IL)
    NUTS Technologies is a Data Privacy company that brings the security perimeter down to the data layer, approaching Data as the Endpoint.
  • Polygraf AI (Austin, TX)
    Polygraf enables data-centric organizations to identify, monitor, and mitigate emerging threats with proprietary AI solutions.
  • Viva (Edinburg, TX)
    Viva helps landlords and renters build wealth side by side.

The Established® House Schedule of Events

The Startup of the Year Fast-Pitch Competition is set to be one of the most high-energy activities to take place at the Established House on March 10. Additional Established® House program highlights include Brewing Innovation with the Non-Obvious 7-Minute Meetup and interview with Rohit Bhargava (9:00 AM CT); Founders Lounge Fireside Chat with Arlan Hamilton (noon CT); Ecosystem Building with an anticipated panel discussion on “Beyond Buzzwords: How AI Can Be Leveraged to Support Entrepreneur Ecosystems,” presented by EcoMap Technologies; networking opportunities; and more!

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