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Startup of the Year Podcast

#0003 - Featured Startup Themes: Safe Meds, Farm-to-Table, Recycling, Immigration, and Expressive Backpacks

· SOTY Podcast

Our third episode of the Startup of the Year Podcast was produced following Super Bowl LII where the New England Patriots defeated the LA Rams 13 to 3 in what was one of the most boring Super Bowls ever. That said, in this episode we discuss some of the Super Bowl advertising spends and our thoughts on the overall program before we dive into five fresh startups that tackle the following areas: safer medication supply chains to save lives, reducing the $160B in crops wasted each year, improving recycling processes with magnets, making the immigration process more efficient (and empathetic), and an expressive backpack offering unlimited personal expression and marketing potential.

Host Frank Gruber is joined by co-hosts Rich Maloy, Lori Thiel, and Jen Consalvo from the Established /Startup of the Year team. The five startups discussed were all companies that came through our startup newsletter, Daily Dealflow.

  1. ToMarket - Denver, CO
  2. Magnomer - Boston, MA
  3. Pix, Ukraine & China
  4. Formally, Providence, RI
  5. Medsaf, Nago, Nigeria 

Listen in as these five growing, early-stage companies are discussed with insights and thoughts from our startup and product experts, diving deeper into what’s interesting about the company, the team, and the industry.

Also mentioned are upcoming Startup of the Year opportunities at the SXSW interactive festival in Austin, Texas on March 10th. Learn more here: