• 2021 Serendipity & Innovation

    Thank you for joining us during our 11th year of producing events during SXSW! Recordings will be posted to est.us/YouTube soon. Make sure to subscribe to receive an alert.

  • Woohoo! What a great two days!

    Register for Government Funding Opportunities for Startups on March 15, 2021 during Established's SXSW programming.

    Startups & Government: Compatible at Last

    Take advantage of Government Funds Designed for Startups

    March 15 (2 - 4 PM EST)

    • Five government agencies discuss their funds designed for startups
    • You can be in the room with representatives from Small Business Administration (SBA), Department of Energy (DOE), National Institutes of Health (NIH), NASA, and National Science Foundation (NSF)
    • Get your questions answered during breakout Ask Me Anything sessions
    • Cultivate connections with like-minded innovators and ecosystem builders
    • Get tips on the application process for America's Seed Fund
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    RSVP for Established's Venture Capital Reverse Pitch Event on 3/15/21.

    Tables Turned: Top VCs Pitch to You and Startups, Live!

    What would it be like if the VCs were up on the stage and the Startups were in the audience? Let's see!

    March 16 (2 - 4 PM EST)

    • Top VCs will pitch their funds
    • Hear why startups should let VCs invest with them
    • Select companies from our Startup of the Year Community will have the opportunity to personally connect with the presenters during breakout sessions
    Participating VCs: Allie Burns, CEO at Village Capital; Clay Gordon, Partner at Stout Street Capital; Dan Kerr, Partner at Flyover Capital; Heather Buffo, Venture Growth & Partnerships Lead at Republic; Mary Grove, Partner at Bread & Butter Ventures; Carlos Antequera, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Novel Growth Partners; Erica Duignan Minnihan, Founder of Reign Ventures  

    Thank you to Finmark (2020 Top 5 Startup of the Year Finalist) for your sponsorship of this event!

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    Startup Community Club in Clubhouse with Established

    • March 15 (4 PM EST)
      Q&A America's Seed Fund - Non-Dilutive Startup Funding
      Connect here
    • March 16 (4 PM EST)
      Venture Capital & Investor Reverse Pitch Q&A
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  • It's our 11th year to produce events during SXSW!

    Enjoy the sizzle reel above to catch the SXSW vibe.

  • Tables Turned VC Pitch Presenters

    Meet just some of our experts...

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    Venture Growth & Partnerships Lead


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    Stout Street Capital

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    Village Capital

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    Flyover Capital

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    Managing Partner

    Bread & Butter Ventures

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    Co-Founder & Managing Director

    Novel Growth Partners

  • Venture Capital Firms

    Thank you for participating in our Reverse Pitch event on March 16!

  • Government Agencies

    Thank you for sharing your startup funding opportunities with our community on March 15!

  • Startup of the Year™ Virtual Competitors

    Startup of the Year embraces inclusivity and honors diversity. We know that innovation stems from everyone with the 'oomph' and courage to take that leap, which is why we scout far and wide in order to find the best startups ranging in industry with diverse leadership to invite to apply to Startup of the Year, to participate in fast-track events (such as SXSW), and to highlight in our Daily Dealflow and Podcast.


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    New York, NY

    Canairy provides end-to-end care between patients with chronic respiratory illnesses and their provider by training personalized voice models for each patient to detect changes in voice and cough severity over time.

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    Washington, D.C.

    CarpeDM (Seize the dating!®), is the first and only dating app that provides users a shortcut to chemistry™ by requiring a real-time 5-10 minute video chat between matches before they can text!

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    Cloud Campaign

    Portland, OR

    Cloud Campaign is a digital platform that helps marketing agencies streamline social media management so they can increase the number of brands they manage and charge a higher retainer with a leaner team.

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    Collective Liberty

    Washington, D.C.

    Collective Liberty is a national and international award-winning non-profit that uses data and intelligence to stop human trafficking. The organization collaborates with others in the anti-human trafficking industry to provide data-driven solutions to help stop the practice.

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    Indianapolis, IN

    ConverSight.ai delivers pro-active business insights through a propriety conversational AI-based intelligence platform. Athena, is an intelligent AI BOT that connects to existing ERP or CRM systems, analyzes the data, and delivers insights through a simple, natural language conversation.



    Austin, TX

    EarBuds allows people to listen along LIVE with their favorite music curators in key moments: Athletes in pre-game warm-ups, musicians on the tour bus, or friends while working out together.

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    Austin, TX

    Gardenio is a garden club offering a membership that sends you everything you need to start growing organic food on your patio or balcony – including live plants – with an app and community to support you as you grow.

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    Hoy Health

    Morristown, NJ

    Hoy Health tech company is transforming the way primary care is delivered to underserved populations. We offer a comprehensive set of digitally accessible, bilingual, and culturally relevant cash-based healthcare access programs.

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    Washington, D.C.

    Jeenie is a gig-economy, global community of language experts standing by 24/7 to jump on a voice or video call to help you with any of your communication needs. We are the first gig-economy marketplace app to provide language and culture support to the Deaf Community and people needing spoken language interpretation.

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    Austin, TX

    knowRX consumer app delivers medication and wellness content to patients while allowing them to connect wearable devices and conduct real-life correspondence with their care providers.

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    Sports Sonar

    San Antonio, TX

    Safe Wave is the fastest and most accurate security alert tool available. Safe Wave uses high-frequency sounds, inaudible to the human ear. It emits a silent alert signal to trained personnel, through any sound system. It has been designed as a Fault-Tolerant System which combines a high-frequency sound wave, internet and messaging.

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    Austin, TX

    Techless is the creator of Wisephone; a minimalist mobile OS with no apps, no addictions and no distractions. Wisephone completely transforms your smartphone and helps people break free from app addiction, flat-out skipping all social media, apps, and digital compulsions.