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    Below you'll find FAQs on important topics that range from Startup of the Year applications to Innovate Celebrate. Please keep scrolling to find what you may be looking for; however, if you don't find the answer, email us here:

    How does the Startup of the Year Competition work?

    1. Check your eligibility 


    2. Apply before May 31, 2018 (11:59 PM PST) - APPLICATION HAS CLOSED FOR 2018.


    3. A group of select online judges will review each application thoroughly and select the top 100 startups to move forward to the next round. 


    4. Semifinalists will be invited to join us at Innovate Celebrate, which will take place from October 15-17 in Boston, MA.

    *It is important to note that startups are responsible for their own travel and lodging during Innovate Celebrate. There may be additional costs around the conference. 


    5. Semifinalists will pitch to a variety of expert investor judges, who will score the startups. The Top Five will be selected. These five startups will pitch live to the Innovate Celebrate audience and to a small panel of judges. From there, the 6th Annual Startup of the Year winner will be selected.

    When will I be notified that my company has been accepted as a Top 100 Semifinalist at Innovate Celebrate?

    The Startup of the Year team will contact all invited startups by mid-July 2018. Startups that are not selected will also be notified.

    What is Vator? Why do I have a profile?

    We have teamed up with Vator (short for innovator), which is a professional network for entrepreneurs and investors, as well as a platform for entrepreneurial competitions.


    By applying to Startup of the Year, you will have a company profile on the site for you to maintain on your own accord, if you so choose. Your Vator profile will allow you to access your application directly.


    *Important - Your Vator profile will NOT be included in our application process. Startup of the Year will only be using the information provided in the "Startup of the Year" application - to assess your eligibility and overall company.

    How do I update my Startup of the Year application on Vator?

    Visit https://vator.tv/login and login to your Vator profile. You should have received a confirmation email at the time you applied with instructions to set your password. If you cannot find the email, login to https://vator.tv/login, and reset your password. Once you are logged in, you will find your application under "My Competitions."

    Is my Startup of the Year application public?

    All answers are visible only to organizers and evaluators.

    Who should I contact with questions?

    For all Startup of the Year questions, please reach out to Lori Thiel, Director of Programs - Lori@StartupofYear.com

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