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    Startup of the Year® General Questions

    What is Startup of the Year?

    • Powered by Established, the Startup of the Year program is a global competition, world-wide community, and resource to elevate startup founders.
    • Startup of the Year is a community, resource, and awards opportunity.
    • We welcome startups from across all verticals and around the world to join our free community at any time throughout the year.
    • Once a member of our community, opportunities abound. This includes events, office hours, and for those startups that are eligible*, there might be additional ways to engage, including our Daily Dealflow newsletter and our annual Summit and awards.
    • The Startup of the Year awards are annual and culminate at our Startup of the Year Summit.

    Why Join our Startup Community?

    • It's free! No spam!
    • Gain immediate access to our Startup Community of innovators, founders, ecosystem builders, investors, mentors, and enthusiasts
    • Invitations to premium events
    • Enjoy resources to help your startup grow to its highest potential. 
      • For example, our partners, such as NASA iTech and AFWERX (the innovation catalyst of the Air Force), depend on us to connect them with the best startups around the world. This could be you.
      • Daily Dealflow newsletter is a daily email to our network of investors. Eligible* community members could be featured.
    • Potential to be invited to compete at our annual Summit and awards, which includes recognition, visibility and brand awareness, and more.


    In order for a Startup Community member to be considered for the Daily Dealflow, Summit, and other potential investment opportunities, startups must have the following at the time of application:

    • Startups must be fewer than 6 years old at the time of application
    • Startups must have a live and viable product
    • Startups must be INNOVATIVE - Make sure to describe and exhibit why your company is disruptive and exciting in your application. We are looking to learn why your company is the right company to solve the issue you are addressing.
    • *It is essential that all interested members submit a complete application through our centralized form. If you submit an incomplete application, your submission will not be reviewed.

    How will I be notified that my company is part of the Startup Community?

    The Established team will contact invited startups.

    Investment from Established Ventures Questions

    Does the competition winner automatically receive Investment?

    The intention is to provide the investment to the winner of the Summit; however, should the winner not be raising capital or fall outside of the types of companies that the Fund can invest in, the Startup of the Year team will then evaluate the other top performing companies from Summit for the potential investment.

    Are non-U.S.based companies considered for Investment?

    We are not currently investing in non-U.S. based companies. However, we provide other programs such as Mentor Matchmaking to open new doors to top advisors and investors. Beyond the investment prize, our goal is to elevate each company with as many opportunities as possible.

    Are Nonprofit Companies considered for Investment?

    Due to the structure of the investment vehicle, we are unable to offer the investment to nonprofit companies. However, we hope that being a part of the Startup of the Year global community, an Alum, and participant in event(s) yields you new connections for your path forward.

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