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    Celebrating innovation and making a difference.

    Established is deeply motivated by the entrepreneurial spirit and all that it encompasses. After a decade of evaluating thousands of startups, we’ve honed our critical lens to find the best, most diverse companies and founders poised to build incredibly successful businesses.

    • We have seen over 25,000 startups.
    • We have watched entrepreneurs start with an idea and a laptop, then scale their ventures into multi-million - sometimes billion-dollar companies.
    • In the past, we were limited in how we could participate in their growth...

    Today our Investment Community is the perfect vehicle for Established and our community to get involved and participate in their success.

  • Current Investments

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    Aperiomics | Established Ventures Portfolio

    Biddeford, ME

    Atlantic Sea Farms is a woman-run, mission-driven seaweed farming company. They are dedicated to making a powerful and positive impact on the health of their customers, coastal communities, and the planet by creating delicious products made from regeneratively farmed sea greens.

    ProxBox | Established Ventures Portfolio

    Alexandria, VA

    SCOUT's mission is to help create a future where space operations are safe and sustainable and we believe that can only be achieved if satellites in orbit have the ability to make decision on their own.


    2022 Startup of the Year® Winner

    Kamana | Established Ventures Portfolio

    Tampa, FL

    With Grifin, you buy stock where you shop. This means that Starbucks coffee doubles as an order for $1 in Starbucks stock. You invest while you shop.



    2020 Top 15 Startup of the Year Finalist; People's Choice Winner

    Proov| Established Ventures Portfolio

    Boulder, CO

    Proov offers the leading system to evaluate women's hormones, including the only FDA Cleared at-home test to measure PdG.


    2019 Startup of the Year® Top Finalist

    and SXSW Startup Night Winner

    Finmark | Established Ventures Portfolio

    Raleigh, NC

    Finmark provides financial planning and modeling software for startups. They distill down complex financial concepts and calculations into a simple to use interface. Finmark was acquired in 2022.


    2020 Startup of the Year® Top 5 Finalist

    SoLo Funds | Established Ventures Portfolio

    Los Angeles, CA

    SoLo is an iOS lending exchange connecting lenders & borrowers to provide affordable access to loans under $1,000.


    2020 Startup of the Year® Winner

    Jeenie | Established Ventures Portfolio

    Washington, DC

    Jeenie is a mobile platform that connects you to a HIPAA-trained medical interpreter for on-demand patient communication and Telehealth consultations.


    2020 .US Veteran Startup of the Year®; 2020 Startup of the Year® Top 5 Finalist

    ShearShare | Established Ventures Portfolio

    McKinney, TX

    ShearShare is a first-of-its-kind B2B app that matches licensed beauty professionals to unused salon space. Fellow solopreneurs can maximize their earnings potential


    2016 Startup of the Year® Winner

    Klickly | Established Ventures Portfolio

    Los Angeles, CA

    Klickly is an AI impulse-payments platform that leverages machine-learning to make purchasing directly within UIs possible.


    2016 Startup of the Year® Top 5 Finalist

    Oska Wellness | Established Ventures Portfolio

    Carlsbad, CA

    Oska Wellness is committed to developing technology-driven health and wellness products that assist individuals in living more active lives with less pain and without the known side effects of medication.


    2017 Startup of the Year® Winner

    Kamana | Established Ventures Portfolio

    Denver, CO

    Kamana works to eliminate inefficiency and financial waste in the world of healthcare staffing with customer-centric, feedback-driven software. Kamana was acquired in 2020.


    2019 Startup of the Year® Top 100

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