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Wellbeing Tips for Entrepreneurs


It’s no secret that the life of an entrepreneur is demanding. While an exciting career path, with plenty of room for creativity, adventure, and fulfillment, anxiety and stress can run high. Building a company from the ground up comes with many responsibilities, from constant pitches and meeting deadlines to working long hours. The demands of entrepreneurship, heavy personal workload, and intense competition can provoke stress, anxiety, and even mental health concerns.

In fact, struggles with mental health are quite common. A 2015 UC Berkeley study found that 72% of entrepreneurs reported mental health concerns. Given the value entrepreneurs add to the U.S economy and availability of products and services, their mental health should be destigmatized and prioritized.

While a few tips and practices can’t replace help from a medical professional, here are some simple steps entrepreneurs can take to relieve stress when things seem overwhelming.

First, take breaks and socialize. It can be tempting to work non-stop, especially when your to-do list is never-ending. But taking a break is necessary to refresh your brain so you can deliver your best performance. Interacting with others can boost your energy and give your mind a chance to process thoughts in the background.

Staying active is also key. This can lower your stress, improve concentration and enhance creativity. Try taking a 5 minute walk every hour, or a walking lunch to get yourself moving consistently, especially if making it to the gym everyday is a challenge. On that note, if you’re able, consider subsidizing a gym membership for your employees. This incentives everyone on your team to stay active, which can help overall performance and mood.

Next, remember to delegate tasks. As an entrepreneur or business owner, it’s tempting to take on as much as possible, especially if you are used to being one of the few employees. Delegating tasks effectively is also important to maintain and develop trust in your team. Learn to delegate big and small responsibilities– this isn’t just for your own well-being. It’s a chance for your employees to learn and grow!

Finally, don’t forget to rely on your community or support network! Connecting with other entrepreneurs, mentors, or colleagues is a great way to share concerns, frustrations, and sometimes even new ideas. Support networks let you know that you’re not alone, and other members may even be able to share insights into your shared struggles.

These practices aren’t a cure-all, but embedding them in your daily routine over time can make a difference in boosting your mental health. If you’re looking for a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to learn from and celebrate with, join the Startup of the Year community!


Author: Miriam Attal | Miriam is receiving her M.S in Communication with an eye on social media for social good. She is inspired to build connections and promote justice online through creative strategies.