• 2019 Startup of the Year Winner™ is...re:3D!

    2nd Place | IMMERTEC

    3rd Place | SecondKeys


    Learn more about the Top 5, Top 15, Fan Favorite, People's Online Choice Award, and American Airlines Raffle winners below. Congrats and thank you to all of the the brilliant Top 100 Semifinalists for participating in #SOTYSummit!


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    Pictured (above): Samantha L. Snabes, (re:3D, Founder; Reservist in Air National Guard)

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    Here is a closer look at the Top 5 Finalists that pitched live to an All-Star Panel of Judges and the #SOTYSummit audience.

    2019 Startup of the Year Winner
    re:3D (Houston & Austin, TX; San Juan, PR)

    - Committed to decimating the coast and scale barriers to industrial 3D printing. After pioneering the world's first affordable, human-scale industrial printer, they are now enabling 3D printing directly from reclaimed plastic pellets or flake.


    2nd Place | IMMERTEC (Tampa, FL)
    - Provides a proprietary, real-time VR software for medical device training and sales. Their software allows any physician in the world to instantly connect and train in VR.


    3rd Place | SecondKeys (Memphis, TN)
    - Simplifies the process of filing maintenance requests for residential properties. Software providing end-to-end ticket tracking, predictive analytics, and a qualified contractor network to help the rental market live, manage, and work better.


    Fruutfull (Tampa, FL)
    - Patent-pending design that has simplified an overly complex bra sizing system, allowing customers to create their own personal fit down to the exact centimeter.


    Route (Chicago, IL)
    - A business management platform for the building services industry, helping teams of any size monitor and streamline their work through real time data.

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    Meet the Top 15 companies who received Honorable Mention before announcing the Top 5.

    Don't Get Mad Get Paid​ (New Orleans, LA)
    Enduralock, LLC​ (Lenexa, KS)
    Fruutfull​ (Tampa, FL) - TOP 5
    Intelligent Observation (Miami, FL)
    IMMERTEC​ (Tampa, FL) - 2nd PLACE
    NeuroFlow​ (Philadelphia, PA)
    Professional Credentials Exchange (Nashville, TN & Tampa, FL)
    Proov Test by MFB Fertility, Inc.​ (Boulder, CO)
    re:3D​ (Houston & Austin, TX) - 2019 WINNER
    Resonado​ (South Bend, IN)
    Route​ (Chicago, IL) - TOP 5
    SAFE App​ (Los Angeles, CA)
    SecondKeys​ (Memphis, TN) - 3rd PLACE & FAN FAVORITE
    SegAna (Orlando, FL)
    SnapShyft​ (Indianapolis, IN)

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    Fan Favorite | SecondKeys

    Online People's Choice Award | WiseHer

    American Airlines Raffle Winner | ion Learning

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