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    Throughout the year, Established produces and presents a variety of programming ranging from festive public pitch competitions and startup festivities to specially designed events exclusive to our Startup Community.
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  • Seed Phase Fundraising Mindset Event for Startup of the Year Community

    June 3 - Fundraising Mindset

    Counter-Intuitive advice on how to raise your seed round faster, get slow moving investors to take action, and get access to the resources you need to succeed. Presented by Rich Maloy, VP of Engagement at Established and Partner at SpringTime Ventures.

    Thank you to those who joined us for this fantastic, informative event!

  • On June 10, Startup of the Year Community Founder Series will feature Rami Essaid of Finmark

    June 10 (2 PM ET) | Founder Series: Rami Essaid, Finmark

    Meet Rami Essaid, two-time startup founder who has been building companies for over a decade. He sold his first company, Distil Networks, for over $100MM, but only after nearly losing the company due to bad financial modeling. After the exit, he jumped right back into startups to found Finmark. Rami’s peers have described him as an incredible fundraiser, as well as a great leader. Bring your questions to ask Rami about everything from venture capital to business models, to building and scaling startups.


    Thank you to everyone who joined us. This event, featuring Rami Essaid, was excellent and provided attendees with a premium experience.

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    June 29 (2 PM ET) | Startup Community Talk: Dilution, Conversions, and SAFEs

    Learn how dilution from convertible notes and SAFEs impacts you. Gain a better understanding of SAFE notes, the difference between SAFEs and convertible notes so that you can negotiate better now, potentially saving you and your employees millions down the line. Join a founder, investor, and Jeff Erickson from Carta as they do a deep dive in Dilution, Conversions and SAFEs.