• What do you mean by events?

    Startup of the Year is a year-round process where our worldwide community comes together multiple times to celebrate, recognize, and encourage entrepreneurship, inclusivity, and innovation.


    Throughout the year, there are a variety of events that provide opportunities for startups to win a fast-track spot as one of the Top 100 Semifinalists.


    Two of these special events are hosted annually by Startup of the Year - Startup Night CES and Startup Night SXSW, and then there are also events hosted by our Community Partners.


    Read below to learn more.

  • fast-track opportunities

    2019 dates and details will be announced soon.

    Startup Night CES & Startup Night SXSW

    Annual Startup of the Year Fast-track Opportunities - hosted by Startup of the Year

    Two annual Startup Night events hosted by Startup of the Year:

    1) Startup Night CES in Las Vegas (January)

    2) Startup Night SXSW in Austin (March)


    One of the grand prizes for both nights is a fast-track spot as one of the Startup of the Year's Top 100 Semifinalists.


    Selection Process:

    When founders apply to Startup of the Year, they can indicate if they'd like to be considered for live events at Startup Night CES or SXSW. If they are invited by the Startup of the Year team to participate, they will receive an invitation email with all of the details about that specific event and competition.


    * 2018 Startup Nights have ended.

    Community Partner Events

    Tailored opportunities per Community Partner

    Our community partners are an important part of our global community, and as mentioned in our Community Partner section, we work with each group to customize a partnership that builds upon one another's startup ecosystems. This could range from cross-promotional marketing efforts to us providing a Startup of the Year fast-track spot to a group as a top prize for a community partner's small or large-sized pitch competition.


    *Check our our Community Partner section for more information and how to become involved.

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